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I was gloomy as the most rainy day, the second week. Nothing pleased me. To me was bad at heart and not only. I went along the corridor the accursed building blood-sucker in which I spent the last twenty six years, reflecting what I was a ram all this time. And led me to this moment, the celebration of my own anniversary which was held, just, two weeks ago. What it is possible to wish on fifty-year anniversary? Worthy situation, general respect and the beauty who is walking arm-in-arm with you. The minimum set which describes the man – the lord of own life. I stuck from morning to the night, trying to obtain this position of and things in my life. Colleagues and partners, even ordinary employees, everything were invited this day. I was almost happy. I didn't find the beauty, with the head of competitor company yet. Celebration took place in our banquet room, it was so more convenient for all and the situation was more easy. I decided to go to the office, to have a rest and smoke. By rules to smoke in the building it was forbidden, except the offices of the administration equipped with special extracts. It seemed to me that I heard noise, in an office of the deputy. Without hesitation I went to check moreover and I called the security officer. Quietly I open a door and I see how my young kept woman, writhes from an orgasm. The hem of her very expensive silk dress is lifted up, one her leg is worth on a chair, and in her shaven pussy, of vanities the sickly hairy dick of a trestle who in general is forbidden to be let in the building. Her silicone boobs which she so long asked to pay are bared, and this reptile, touches them, it seems as it is his property, but not mine. — Do you speak, it also is that agreement? – he asks, diligently moving hips. — Daaaaaa …. – Alyona groans. — What daaaa? – he imitates. — Daaaa … it he. The Daaaa … as it is good. The Daaaa … don't stop! – Alyona already not just groans, and invitingly shouts, a such pornushno-lewd voice of a goat who needs urgently to be milked. — Where it is possible to make to … pi…yu? – newly made ебарь dispersed outright, he tries to get her more deeply, but after me, with his sizes it is simply unreal. I feel the movement, I turn around, there is Maxim, the security officer. I show what needs to be waited and I look at "a sweet couple". — Cum in me! – Alina shouts. – The Daaa … cum … an aaaa … — it rubs, two fingers, the clitoris, fingering in him piercing. The freak groans and cums, compressing silicone of the beauty is even stronger. Also I enter. — Well, time you were already glad, it would be time and to be upset! – I come into an office, and for me Maxim. Without knowing properties of my pussy, now former, mistresses, the guest the dick takes out and receives an unexpected surprise. From her the stream escapes, from his cum and its own terminate. And all this eruption, appears on his suit which he didn't find time to take off. — Yours, bitch, mother! – he shouts, angrily looking at her. – What you, the whore, made! — Well, she calls it gratitude, for satisfaction! – I speak. Alyona tries to be covered with a dress and feverishly thinks how to settle a situation. – Maxim Eduardovich, you see off mister on an exit. It is desirable rudely. Also don't forget to search. — Through the hall? – enough the guy asks. — It is natural! As dear visitor can leave, without having said goodbye to the others! Maxim takes away the using foul language and escaping guest, and I sit down on edge of a curbstone at a door and I look at the girl who was the center of my attention, the last two years. — I won't apologize! – she speaks, it is proud having raised the head. — I don't need your apologies, I want to know the reason?! – it, really, the only thing that interested me. – Only don't say that all this for the sake of passion! — Oh, For God's sake! – the shabby beauty rolled up eyes. — He offered such money to me that I and the mother sold! — I don't doubt! – for some reason I wasn't is surprised, shocked. I knew that we have commodity-money relationship, but was ready to believe, in them. I accepted such course of things as something usual, self-evident. How many men in my situation, live quite so. For such as I, there are three options. Wife aged, awful wife, loneliness. But all these options, are followed by the young mistress. Though, I don't argue that some are lucky, and they find the companion of life which remain are right. But it, almost from area of a fantasy. Such as we, it is possible to suffer only for money, big money. We are absent eternally. Are busy with own child which justifies and pays for itself, only when you devote him all yourself. Such is reality. And here, I am lonely not only on life, but also in a bed. Besides, I am not young at all. Also there is no desire to get a relationship with the new beauty ready to stand me. My life will end here, in these eurorepair walls, with false ceilings and great with expensive floors. — Konstantin Petrovich! – I am caught up by the secretary. – Konstantin Petrovich! – having overtaken me, she looks at my face. – Did you get sick? – asks perplexedly. — No! – I muttered. — You aren't similar to yourself! — Sofya Nikolaevna! Give keep to the point! – we went towards my office. — Forgive! – she rummaged in papers. – There our competitors decided here what to make! – the woman, turning pale, I stretched me listings. I stopped and began to study them. It turned out that the type, otymevshy my being, after all, obtained from her some information. But, thanks to her incompetence, unchecked. And now, his firm, surely went to the crash. They needed only to take one step in the conceived direction and nothing will save them any more. — Undertake nothing! Let all and all right! – I grinned, stretching leaves to the secretary. — So we will have no problems? – carefully she asked. — At us won't be! – my minute happiness, disappeared again. — I need couple more of your signatures, and I will leave you alone! – this woman was as the robot. All the time I did something. She didn't differ in special mind, but was terribly scrupulous and pedantic that did it irreplaceable. Everything that was entrusted to it, was always finished and given with all trifles and details, sometimes, even, excessive. — Give! I will examine, and you will come … — at this moment my eye was fixed by the young person going to our party. — … someone it? – I knew all employees, can not on names, but in a face yes sir. And this girl, I saw for the first time. — This is Svetochka! Our Tatyana Ivanovna's daughter! She works for a floor of a rate here. Studies, in absentia, on economics department. Pretty! There's a good lad! – Sofya with a smile looked at the girl, however, as well as I. Only my smile, was hidden, behind an indifference mask. Svetochka, came nearer. A little swarty brunette, with a curly hair, almost to a waist. She went, the flying gait, on very tall hairpins. Her legs were most open. The short short skirt adhered on hips a wattled leather corbel. A slender waist and high, the average size a breast, were fitted by satin fabric of a light blouse. — Hello! – she told, looking at me the dark blue-light blue eyes. — Hello! – I answered, having shortly nodded. Sofya Nikolaevna, approvingly rocked the head, in her party, and the girl went further. — Beauty! – the woman exhaled. – You represent, and there is no guy! Well for life went?! It is valid! What for life went?! I took away papers for the signature and went to myself. Having closed from all and everything, I turned on the favourite music and poured to myself a few whisky. The nasty mood didn't leave, but the general state, somehow exchanged. Imperceptibly, and to the best. For the first time for these two ill-fated weeks, I wanted to eat. So week flew by. I looked for meetings with Svetochka. I watched her from outside. And, I did it, absolutely unconsciously. *** It was pleasant to me in this building. It was similar to the house in which there lives the huge family. From the first day, I wanted to see alive ours the director's gene. All so flatterly spoke of him that I drew to myself a portrait of the such kind king living in harmony with the citizens. And when faced him in a corridor, I saw a cold glance. Whether at me even the question arose "that is a person?". But I one million times saw it in photos therefore the mistake couldn't be. Quite high, with a figure, excellent for his age. Elegant, obviously watching himself. With beautiful, regular features. Strange, but his fair hair wasn't touched yet by a gray hair. Directly Dolph Lundgren who only isn't owning martial arts and more real. Though from where to me the nobility, can he and owns arts. Mother attached me here to receive practice, I already was at the end of a third year. Belonged to my duties to potter with pieces of paper, to copy them, to carry for the signature, in different departments. Well, I was an errand girl. Directly, as houses. And my chief, there was at all not that kind old man who didn't retire in any way and was a head of the finance department, and my mother. She mistreated me also here. Forcing to carry out a heap of the excess instructions which aren't connected with my direct duties in any way. It seemed, nobody noticed her behavior, except me. Therefore, all saw in me the mother's assistant, the golden girl, the approximate daughter. *** By the end of the next working day, Sveta's mother came to me. The woman, literally, broke to me into an office. My secretary Sofya, was at a wild loss and full confusion from similar behavior of Tatyana Ivanovna. She stood and waited for my orders. — Sofya Nikolaevna, go a bit earlier home! I will understand! – softly I told, leaving because of a table and going to women. — Thanks! You precisely …? – Sofya looked out because of the employee's back. — Yes! Really! – I confirmed, having smiled and having nodded. — Good-bye, Konstantin Petrovich! – the woman left and closed behind herself a door. — I listen carefully to you! – spoke to me about some discrepancy of behavior of Tatyana Ivanovna, with the charter of firm. But I didn't think that she can rush into the CEO's office here so. — Immediately stop it! – angrily the woman told. She was slightly younger than me. Brunette, as well as her daughter. With similar features. And with, more or less, remained figure. I put on with a claim. And, obviously, beyond the means. — What, do I have to stop?! – the essence of claims wasn't clear to me. Moreover, I frankly was in a stupor, trying to understand what from me is wanted. — You know! Stop! She still child! And definitely not for you! – Tatyana Ivanovna intensively stuck into me with a forefinger. And I devilishly rejoiced that between us there was a distance in several meters. From such pokes, in me the bleeding wound could be formed, considering length of manicured nails of this person. — About what you? – even more I was surprised. — About what I? About an object of your lewd eyes! Do think I don't see how you sneak behind her? As you devour her with a look! Stop! Or I! – here she stopped short. Roofing felts from my look, roofing felts having realized that "or", from her party, sounds too self-confidently and improbably. And I understood, at last, about what it raves. — If you mean Svetlana … — Her! And you perfectly know about it! Keep your imaginations around! If I learn that you let loose hands or still something … — she spoke and spoke. Her verbiage didn't come to an end in any way. — My dear! I don't intend to consult on you, concerning the actions at all! Moreover! I do that I want! And the personnel do, too that I want! And, now, I want that you as my personnel, closed the verbose mouth and ceased to talk nonsense! – this "lady" enraged me. I was already ready to call protection or the doctor with soothing to calm her. But she, nevertheless, got it together. Having poured itself a few whisky, I returned to "interlocutor". – All your charges are groundless! I don't understand at all, what the hell you broke to me! — You examine her! Look at her as a hungry dog! – Tatyana Ivanovna blurted out. — Even, if it and so! What your business?! To Svetlana there are already eighteen! – I didn't intend to lower to this person of her behavior. — If you need to fuck someone, find more suitable candidacy! – she said, and jumped from a chair. — Your offers? – with sarcasm I joked. — Yes it is full at us of employees! Choose any! – this her phrase, threw me in shock. Tatyana Ivanovna's impudence, had no borders. — And, if I choose you?! – to me it was interesting, simple out of pure curiosity that she on it will tell. — You what, went crazy? – her eyes were rounded, and the person began to become covered by red spots. — Well, you at us the accountant, one of leaders! Had to count someone I will choose, instead of your daughter! – I grinned. Her reaction amused me. — There are also others … — Means, others it is possible, and you are absent? – I killed her. – You that, special? — Yes I will condemn you! – she took to me several fast paces. — Will you condemn me? – I got up before her in all growth. — Son of a bitch! – she approached closer and brought was a hand for slap in the face, but painfully often I faced similar manners not to react in advance. I intercepted her hand, having strongly squeezed a wrist. — So! I have no condoms, and without them I to fuck you I will disdain! So fast I went to drugstore and I bought! Big size! And you haven't enough time! Vividly! – I released her. Tatyana Ivanovna looked at me blinking. And I wasn't going to show her that I joke. At least not now. At last, it is angry зыркнув on me, she went to a door and went out. And I sat down in a chair and began to laugh. So I didn't laugh for a long time. Having drunk up contents of a glass and having smoked a cigarette, I began to gather home when the door opened and the recent Fury flew. She turned a latch on the lock and business gait approached a table. — Here! – the woman threw on a table a pack enough expensive condoms. — What is it? – this turn of a situation was for me a bolt from the blue. — Did you tell, to buy?! – Tatyana stared at me. I was tired, slightly tipsy and long ago without sex. And she, the word of honor finished me. — Undress, or I will tear on you clothes! – I ordered. I set aside a briefcase, I hung up a jacket on a back of a chair and I bypassed a table. The woman slowly undid buttons on the blouse, and I cumed patience. My trousers were already undone, and the dick sought outside. I just wanted a discharge. And, by and large, to me any more not and it is important with someone. The hole and pair of boobs was simply necessary. As soon as Tatyana got rid of a blouse, I roughly seized her by shoulders and pushed to a table. Thanks to Sofya, my table was always clean. At least one his half. I also laid new "mistress" on it. She stared, probably waited for a prelude and a kiss, but to me was to spit. I didn't begin to look for a brassiere fastener to bare her breast, and just broke off it ahead, precisely in the middle. — What do you to hell create?! – she shouted. — Be silent the bitch! – I became an animal. From a part it was a merit of my last passion. After her perfidy, I ceased to respect women, similar behavior. Tatyana's boobs spread on her body. The small prick of disappointment, suggested me the idea for the following pose, in our sudden rendezvous. I lifted up her skirt on a waist, picked up her under thighs and pushed forward, so a little that it was convenient to me to work with her body. Satin panties with a crash gave in and appeared near a brassiere, somewhere under my table. Before me well shabby pussy, with short young growth appeared. It flowed that should have been expected. I lowered pants to knees and put on condom. I raised powerlessly the hanging-down Tatyana's legs, myself on a waist, I put a head and sharply I entered. She screamed and began to finger nipples, and I grinned and the dick began to drive rhythmically. Tatyana Kartinno groaned and tried to represent seductively languid look. I saw it out of the corner of the eye as my eye was turned in a thick of events. I watched how my dick of the considerable sizes, completely disappears in her. Her hair, pleasantly tickled my pubis, at each contact of our bodies. And my balls slapped it in a bottom. After a while, all this picture bothered me. I took out a dick, pulled down the woman from a table and turned to myself a back. One hand, directed in her wet folds, and the second with a force squeezed a breast which elasticity I replaced unreasonable for my palm, the size. — You to me will leave bruises, ебарь is lousy! – she hissed. — I won't leave! Be not afraid! – three fingers easily entered her vagina at once. I pushed Tatyana in a back, and she obediently bulged a bottom, having rested hands against a table cover. — Give quicker, Svetka waits for me! – the woman blurted out. After these her words, I put in her a dick on the balls. — Waits! Will wait! – I began to move, quickly, rhythmically. With intensive desire to terminate. After Svetlana's mention, I was ready to explode instantly, but Tatyana's brain interfered here. — Tell Kostik why you can't terminate so long! – her mockery enraged me. — Because you have a pizda the whore razjebanny! That I will enter, all I will drown! – honestly I gave the thoughts in this respect. — So че you want?! I have three children! Here the pizda also stretched! – the words of the true aristocrat whom she considered herself. — It is good that you only this place made children! – I took out a dick and put it to her anus. — Give I more best to you to a suction! – scaredly she hissed. — I told that I without elastic band disdain! So suffer damn! – a push and I on the balls in her rectum. But she, nevertheless, managed to publish the signature groan. There was of course already, but too not a fountain. And I remembered about Svetlana who waits for this whore home to go. I regained consciousness only from wild cries abnormal and own groans, during the gushed orgasm. Having hardly realized where I am, I understood that all this time I was in dreams and imagined that I fuck a young young body. I managed even to present hard virgin buttocks which I contemplated every day, loafing along corridors, for her owner. I took out a dick and removed an elastic band. Tatyana lowered a skirt and went for a blouse. Having quickly pulled pants and trousers, I approached a jacket and got a purse. I took out a piece of paper, the necessary advantage, I put it on a table before the uncombed woman. — It for spoiled linen and expenditure for condoms! – I reported. — You will use a toilet in a corridor. — And you aren't afraid that someone will see that I leave from here in a similar look? – she was in the role again. Perepy she didn't consider this humiliation. It as if, there was her victory. — No! I am not afraid! – I answered with some contempt on what the woman grinned and I went to a door. — So to me when to come, next time? – she asked. — Never! – I even on her didn't raise eyes. — I didn't understand something! – Tatyana stopped. – And how our arrangement? — Whore, what arrangement?! You came to me to an office with charges, thrust upon sex, and now still want something! Tell thanks to alcohol and my reasonable mood, exactly thanks to these two factors, you aren't dismissed yet! I that your personal ебарь or that? – I shouted. — No! – she was taken aback. — I went! And, tomorrow, don't forget to address me on formal terms! – I added slightly more quietly, but is more rigid. — Good-bye Konstantin Petrovich! It was pleasant to communicate! – she bit. — All good! – already quietly I answered. As soon as Tatyana left, sat down in a chair and, having leaned back, closed eyes. I began to realize as strongly I was tired. And what nonsense I made. Was all the same for me, on the fact of sex. I on all two hundred was sure that consequences won't be. But I violated own rule "not to sleep with women with whom I work". And still I began to understand that Tatyana is right. I really am lovesick on its daughter. I go aimlessly on office, only, to see her. To meet the eyes of her. And I more than once dreamed into her account, just unconsciously and I was interrupted, distracting from my imaginations therefore didn't remember this fact. Going to that evening home, I understood that I want to fuck Svetlana. *** Mother returned from the administration of some strange. I waited for her on an hour longer, than we agreed. — Something happened? – I asked. — I raked your shit! – she answered, too with irritation. — I bungled somewhere? – all my steps constantly checked. I precisely knew that I didn't mess up anywhere. — Yes! And largely! So from tomorrow, you will help me, twice more! — mother took a bag, and we went home. House us was waited by her husband number three, mine the younger brother and the sister and also the mountain of household chores. And all this apart from study. I had to make a dinner, to do with younger homework, more precisely for them and to remove almost till midnight, and then already I went about the own business. We lived in the small apartment which to us was left by my native father. Children in one room, and mother with the stepfather in the second. Audibility was just excellent and I constantly was an involuntary witness to all talk. Today, everything, extremely, got out of hand. The stepfather practically shouted, opening one bottle of beer for another. Well though they were in kitchen and, except awake me, nobody heard anything. — You a blyadina in general were stunned?! – he shouted. – I thought I don't learn?! The mother's voice was absolutely silent therefore I didn't hear her. — Ah with condom! – again he shouted. – And you sucked with condom too?! – several slaps and groans were heard. Then mother's silent arguments. I decided to approach closer in case this moron will raise a hand against her. – Well he tore off, and I spanked! – the stepfather sat on the edge of a table, and before him, having rested hands against a working surface, there was absolutely naked mother, with widely placed legs. On her buttocks red traces from his palms and fingers were visible. – And now … — he got up and took off the shorts. Under them nothing was, except him. His short dick, was hardly seen from dense thickets. And disproportionately huge head, covered a trunk as a hat of an ugly mushroom. – Give the skank! – the new slap and mother kneels before him. The disgusting shoot disappears at her in a mouth, and her face buries in thickets. I a bullet come back to the room, I get under a blanket and, desperately I pretend that I sleep. My mother fucked with someone from office and, apparently not for the first time, and maybe not only with it someone. And now sucks a nasty shoot of this dumbass which his "father" asks to call. To me it is terrible, it is opposite to me, to me it is bad. *** Since the morning I don't leave an office. I don't want to see anybody. Even Svetlana. Especially her. At a door quietly knocked. — Enter! – terrible tone I ordered, being in the worst mood. — It is possible? – in the doorway there was Svetlana. If God is, then he precisely is kidding over me. — What to you? – I tried to be detached, and it turned out that I am an ill-bred rude fellow. — Sign … — the shivering voice, but all with the same charming gait. — And Sofya where? Sofya … Nikolaevna! – in the morning I didn't see her too. — So, I got sick! Me asked, instead of it to stay, won't recover yet … — "I lacked it yet". — What ached with? – quite scaredly I asked, it seems as I suspect a terrible virus. — Speak flu! – even more indecisively Sveta said. — Why didn't call me?! – I was indignant. I raised eyes, and I saw the scared girl. — I don't know … — she stood and clapped eyelashes. — Give papers! Someone appointed you? – to someone me to tell "thanks"? — Personnel manager. – the girl put papers on a table and I, involuntarily, zaglyadetsya on her beautiful hands. — All right! Go to a reception! – I got phone. It was switched-off. Of course, after yesterday's I about everything on light forgot. And about the fact that phone was on the last legs. It appears, Sofya called me five times and, finally, left the message. Till a lunch everything went normally because nobody disturbed me, except as by phone, but it wasn't necessary to see Svetlana at the same time to me. But after a lunch, she, continually, came to me. And I, every time, caught myself on a new thought of her. My tortures ended at six o'clock when she was carefully knocked and asked whether she can go home. I released her, inhibiting desire to detain. Sofya was ill all week. During this time I almost went crazy. Though could master work, nevertheless. On Friday when Svetlana already left, Tatyana came to me. — It is possible? – she asked standing at a door, already for my part. — Enter! – I answered wearily, anticipating repetition of her monologue. — Dismiss her or translate! – the woman demanded. — I don't gather! – I, so, was wildly exhausted and had no slightest desire to spend the remains of the forces for this silly woman. She closed a door, having again turned a latch, overcame distance between us and put a familiar pack to me on a table. — Take off trousers! – the woman ordered, undoing a blouse. — I … — I told! – Tatyana command tone interrupted. — I don't know with someone you got used to communicate, but I am a man, but not cattle! Take away rubber products and don't dare to come to my office any more! Understood?! Once again you will poke and you will be dismissed! – loudly, but without shout I told. — On it was pleasant to you? – trying to coquet, the woman asked. — I was in a deranged state, in the heat of passion, in complete prostration. In such state, I could covet your body! Yes body! – impenetrable tone I said, explaining a situation. – Because with a brain, at you absolutely hardly! — Did you so otymet my buttocks, I thought?! – she wasn't appeased. — Go home and think how to bridle the nonprofessional rushes! – I muttered, hardly behaving. — I understood! You want Svetka! And I was so, just on time! – trying to play the victim Tatyana sobbed. — You have a husband, here and go to him! And I want home! – having taken a briefcase I went to a door. I opened it and I began to wait until the guest deigns to leave. And she, fortunately, didn't keep itself waiting long. At the weekend I thought only about Svetlana and prayed that Sofya's flu lasted for a week. I wished to know all about the pretty brunette. *** Mother came home late. The stepfather was already fed and managed to get drunk. The younger brother and the sister already slept, and I read the next love affair replacing to me my private life. Both of them shouted at each other again. And I tried not to listen. — You not at work were! – the stepfather insisted. — From what did you take?! – somehow strange I said mother and it is too loud. — From the fact that you are the whore drunk! In an ass drunk! — You drunk, in an ass! – mother in reply shouted. I made the way to kitchen. Mother stood rocking, and the stepfather tried to undress her. — Show the holes the whore! – he told, on his cheeks tears flowed. — Don't touch me! – mother shouted. — Now I will strike! – he brought over her a hand, and she ceased to resist. In a few minutes she stood naked, in a proshlorazovy pose again. Hands in a table-top with widely placed legs. The stepfather's hands diligently rummaged at it between legs. — Damn! Damn! Damn! – he cried, brought a hand and with a force slapped set up the priest. – You spoke, that all the time with condoms fuck! — I without them don't give! – mother laughed. – But this, took by force! — He to you in a pizda terminated! What we will do if the new bastard on the horizon appears! – the stepfather clutched at the head. — They aren't bastards! – mother shouted. — Yes! They from one, the first, the beloved! So I also believed! – the stepfather hissed, having taken a sip of vodka from a bottle neck. — Svetka yes! She from darling! Other two … I don't know from someone! – mother had whether a hysterics, whether laughter through tears. — Well what isn't enough for you? – he began to yell. – What? At this moment I terribly was frightened that all my life and will pass. Having returned to the room, I cried almost all night long. *** On Monday Sofya didn't leave. Svetlana came to me and put the fresh press on a table. She friendly smiled and went to a door, and I considered her figure, trying to remember the smallest lines. I began to catch myself on thoughts of her. About what breast at her. What nipples at her what they are colors and forms. What tummy at her and navel. As her buttocks when it is free from clothes look. The pussy, shaven at her, or is covered with hairs. What form at her. Virgin she or not. I tried to present on how many densely she will clasp my dick, each of three holes. Whether will allow me to try everything in once. As she does blowjob. Whether she had a man, the guy. What with her was done by male hands and lips. I couldn't look at her quietly. By the end of day, I was on such limit that planned to see houses a rigid porn and to cum until there are forces. Though all night long. I was already going to leave when Sveta came to me, as always, shy having knocked. — Sofya told that you here somewhere have a watering can for flowers. – remaining with a door she told. — Is! In the bathroom! – I showed the door. — Thanks! – her eyes were such sad. — What is with you? – I asked. — Anything! – turning away, Svetlana told. — I see! – I approached her, too close. She so seductively smelled. I wanted this body above all. I would like to seize it even if I for it would be put. – What is it? – I ran a finger over her cheek, having picked up a teardrop. — Anything! – the girl burst into tears, having seized lapels of my jacket, and I pressed her to myself and began to caress on the head. – I don't want home! – I moaned, and it began to be discharged. — Why? – I looked at her wet person, expecting until she raises eyes. — To me it is bad there! – almost silently Sveta admitted and I looked at me. I didn't keep and kissed her. At once imperiously and hot as I dreamed for a long time. Without paying attention to her resistance and meekness. When my minute madness passed, I looked at her, still squeezing in the embraces. — Why did you make it? – she asked. — Because I want you! – I admitted. — I twice in the daughter suit you! – Sveta whispered. — I know, but I can do nothing with myself! – even it became a shame to me. For the first time I felt the seducer. Though, quite recently, I lived with the girl for few years of the senior Sveta. – I understand that you won't want sex. To me, at least to look at you. To touch. To taste. – I gave almost everything, than raved the last days. — I need to go! Release me! – even I didn't notice that my hands still strong squeeze her body. — Forgive! – I unclenched embraces, and she fluttered out. — I won't come tomorrow! – Sveta told and went to a door. — Even don't take in head! – I stopped her. She turned back. – Your mother completely in the credits! If you don't cooperate, I will dismiss her! – to what I fell. I directly blackmailed the young, inexperienced girl. — Well! I will come … — Moreover! – I didn't know any more that I create. – You will remain and will prove to be to me! – I approached to the door in an office and locked it, having ignored a latch. — Please … — Sveta whispered. — On my table! Vividly! – I passed to the chair and sat down. – Go here! – I pointed to the place near me. — Please! – starting over again crying, she, nevertheless, began to take uncertain steps. — I will only look! – I felt insatiable. As the addict, I waited for the dose. — It isn't necessary … please! – on her cheeks tears flew down. She approached me and stood. — If you don't want that I touched you, undress! – I offered though perfectly I understood that practically not t of chances that I will be able to stop. On her there was a short black dress from thin wool, ahead on buttons, on all length. She undertook the topmost and began to undo. Fingers didn't obey her. She sobbed and shivered. — I can't … — she whispered, having reached approximately the middle of a fastener. — You can! You have no choice! – reveling in the power, I pressed on it. — Only don't touch me, please! – her fingers set to work. When a fastener it was finished, the girl stood. She didn't decide to take off clothes. — To help me? – I pretended that I am going to get up. — No! – scaredly I screamed and I took a step back. Having made a deep breath, Sveta carefully took off a dress and put on the table edge. On her there were a lacy brassiere and panties, black color. I couldn't see enough of her young body. The gentle skin which is slightly covered with goosebumps. — Brassiere! – I ordered. — I ask you … — she whispered, trying to cover a breast. — Well you, as small! – I was enraged. – Agreed, remove! – I shouted. She got hands for a back and undid a fastener. I closed eyes and I pressed palms to a breast, holding lacy fabric. I grinned, picked up edge with a fastener and slightly pulled on myself. Several seconds it didn't give in, and then powerlessly lowered hands, having left a brassiere at me in a hand. I brought it to the person and inhaled its aroma. Gentle smell, freshness and maiden body. Having rejected a brassiere on a dress, I translated a view of Svetlana. She still stood blindly. — Look at me! – quietly I told. The girl opened eyes, and I began to examine her breast. She was high, proportional. Boobies watched a little in the parties, but it only gave sexualities. Small pink auras, crowned the tiny hardened nipples. I hardly restrained not to touch them with lips. — Panties! – I surely looked in her begging eyes. And here, she, unexpectedly, quickly removed them and sent to other clothes. — Did you want it? – she asked with an anguish. – And is farther what? To show you my holes? I admit, it unsettled me. On a fraction of a second, I, even, returned to reality. — Sit down on a table before me! – softly I asked. Light I hesitated a little, and then I approached a table and I got on him buttocks. I moved up to it a chair. — Put legs on armrests! – I sat having leaned back not to frighten off her. — What will you do? – she asked. — I will look! As well as I promised! – I didn't know, I lie or not. Just I didn't want to release her. Light I put the shivering legs, stupnyam on armrests. — Part knees and rest against a table hands, behind the back! – I needed the most open position. The girl swallowed and obeyed. Her pussy was charming. Gladenky, darkly pink, with small sponges and gentle small lepestochka, in the form of wings of a butterfly. — I will touch … it isn't visible to me … it is necessary to reveal you! – I warned. I touched a forefinger hardly noticeable clitoris, slightly I pressed down him why Svetochka convulsively inhaled, and all contracted, but her knees rested against my shoulders. – Won't leave! You already mine! – victoriously I said. Big joined a forefinger. I parted in the parties of a lepestochka and saw nobody yet not touched hole. Gentle, accurate, such desired. – Lay down! – I took her by hands. – I will help! – also I began to control her that she didn't hit. – Now I will try you! I will kiss your pussy. Your clitoris, sponges, treasured hole. And you just lie and enjoy! I won't hurt! I promise! I parted her hips more widely. I bent. It was visible how her pussy povlazhnet. This delightful smell, attracted me. I touched by lips of her clitoris, and she shuddered. Then, my language concerned an entrance to a vagina and walked up, collecting so desired moisture. I repeated maneuver once again and still. I wanted to collect all her juice. And, having passed by language, last time, desperately I stuck into her clitoris. I sucked it, bit, played with it language. It was heard as hands of the girl hold a table cover. — Take me for hair! – I advised. – Don't hesitate! Show me where it is the most pleasant to you. My language adjoined a tip to her hole, and I didn't move. Her fingers, indecisively, were interwoven into my hair. But she didn't begin to move my head, and just slightly pressed her. I pressed language and folds let in a tip a little, and Sveta published sweet-sweet groan. I raised the head so that to look at it. — Do you want that I entered you? – I asked. — If I continue, you risk to lose virginity. — It is pleasant to me when you concern me exactly there! – blindly Sveta whispered. – But I don't want to lose … — she shuddered. — You weren't touched yet by any man? – I asked the most important for me questions. — Any! – she whispered. — Anywhere? – I needed to know each trifle. — Anywhere! – her legs began to tremble again. — Both buttocks, and mouth, too not? – heart fought both in temples, and in a groin. — … nobody … never earlier … — she began to shake anywhere. Light I cried. I took her by hands and pulled to myself. She sat down. — I want to offer you! Though it isn't sure that … Devil! – as all this was difficult. To convince her borders were necessary, but I knew that I, at some point, will want to break them. – All right! Give so! I want to touch you! To look at you naked! To consider all your places, as fixedly as it will want to me. To watch how you react to touches. To revel in your juice when you flow. And you will constantly flow, I am sure. But, there is one but! Sooner or later … I will want that you touched me! As well as I you. And then, I will want bigger. And you, most likely, too. – she looked at me, trying to appease tears. – You the finest that I ever saw! Your breast is perfect! – I picked up her breasts palms and gently squeezed. – Look! – I rose, blew on one of nipples, and then slightly bit it. Light I moaned and I seized the table edge. – You see! – I released a nipple, it hardened and vstoporshchitsya. – If you agree! Come to work tomorrow! And if not, more better, any more never come. And still … — I was ready to go to any her conditions. – … think over what you want in exchange! And on how many far you are ready to come! … can you date if separated dates fruit in spanish language site mapMain