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The usual November week evening which wasn't foretelling anything supernatural actually so in a result was coming and occurred. After the worker I took a shower, a dinner in a family circle, communication with the son on his interests and him so far still children's to problems and cares. Mobile rang out. For someone was I necessary? Ne turning on the screen of attention I carried out by a finger on him. By tired voice. — Yes — Hi. Spouse of the house? Beer is? — Nadj's hello, yes — answering the second half of a question. — Now I will come. The hope lived in one entrance with us several floors below and quite often came in guests to chat with the spouse. The brunette of average growth with a magnificent breast of the fourth maybe fifth size which always I emphasized with the fitting t-shirts supporting by bras, blouses. Yet not gone waist tightened by a figure passing into narrow hips and round buttocks. Pleasant lines of the person, always in the raised mood and very loving will talk. Years dest back when they moved to our house to her there was a little for forty, me under thirty, I was lost in contemplation of her and my jokes and podkoly in her address led to the fact that Nadezhda began to conduct herself more carefully and never came in guests if the house wasn't Tamara, even calling by phone, but she only here called me, before that how to come I asked houses or Tamara is absent. In a corridor the call rang out inviting me to open an entrance door. — Nadj's hello, pass. — Hi — holding up a cheek for a kiss and itself at the same time kissing I wash — Volumes you accept the guest at home — having already thrown off slaps, passing on kitchen — a where Tamara? — Na to work, will arrive soon. — Daaa! — Nadia stretched, having stared in me the brown eyes, to strain and without breathing looked to me in eyes. — Isn't present seriously where Tamara? — by an intense voice. — Yes don't worry will arrive soon. In kitchen the son Anton ran having discharged the emergence a situation, grabbed a handful of candies, on the course threw the — hi — disappeared in darkness of a corridor. — Fuuu. — escaped from Nadezhda's breast. — That mother strained, relax — I laughed looking her in eyes — a you will give rise to that for fear. — Yes where to me to the grandma soon pension. — Then that so I strained as the girl for the first time. — Yes go you — already quietly and cheerfully began to chatter — beer is? Pour! In the lock of an entrance door the key tinkled, the mechanism clicked the door was opened on a threshold there was a spouse, Nadezhda without getting up so a chair only having turned in a turn floor. — Hi, I call him I ask you houses, he yes, I came I come a you isn't present, I ask where, he at work as at work I call you, an isn't present you, by phone you told a houses. Tamara took off a fur coat, boots leaning buttocks on a door — He taakoooy, zaboltaaayet, won't notice as you will give rise! — the spouse smiling I looked askance in my party. Cheeks zarozoveli on a frost, this year still the middle of November of a wrapped frosts for thirty. — Let's go sit down, pour to us Roma — on master's, the neighbor addressed ko to exchange. Rushed further as put that new, women's sviristeli. To me not interestingly I poured him on a glass of beer, to myself to a circle and moved to the bedroom to the son at him evening fights in WORD OF TENX. Already leaving from kitchen Nadezhda stopped me. — Stand, I that came — transferring a view from me of the spouse — yesterday I met Lilka with shestovogo an entrance, you know her. Na the face of the spouse the question hung, eyebrows moved to a nose bridge, Tamara tried to remember and understand o a lump the speech. Ne turning on it attention the trill proceeded. — She with your senior sister roofing felts in one roofing felts in a parallel class studied. — A is known by her at the sixth entrance, roofing felts on the seventh roofing felts on the eighth lived. — from Tamara's face the question disappeared. — Yes - yes on the eighth, there also lives. She such in the apartment closed up repair at her the apartment as at you... — having become silent I looked at me — In the general, there workers to her pulled — became silent, having made a beer drink. I began to turn out mentally her phrases and words, to smile from what turned out. — At once it had no curtain, and didn't hang up, now she bought, there is no an of builders, can't find them, then the mirror should be beaten in the bathroom. Yours the tool has everyone and drills podolbit to her, I told about yours she at first refused, but I persuaded, told that it everything can do to Elektroslesarosantekhnoplotnik the station wagon, o than wouldn't ask him everything can make and to chisel through a hole and to twirl a bolt and to repair Sran. — What Sran, I asked again. The neighbor made buldge out on me eyes thought, scrolling in the head that protreshchala only that — I told Sran! There is no Crane. — Yes go you. Tamara began to smile, I laughed. — I went. — No, stand don't interrupt me I a female will get confused. — Someone you are! We without having departed from the first attack of laughter yet were gone on new. Nadia looked at me at the spouse with surprise as we were rolled up from laughter, I spilling on a floor beer. — A what I told again? With surprise in a voice and on a face the neighbor exhaled. The spouse sobbing from laughter I repeated — You told "I the female got confused" and further laughed holding a stomach — Well made laugh! Nadia having with astonishment extended the person I looked at me — Yes go you, isn't present stand. — Listen you be defined, go or stand what female of Sran to you to clean. — continuing to laugh. — THAT he!? — I! I not that, it with you that — Here so he always on to me — Nadezhda was indignant, looking at the spouse. — Continue. — trying to represent a serious mine on a face. Pondering upon each word more slowly — I will talk To you you won't refuse. — The hope looked at the spouse. As as if she to drill will twist and, without waiting for the answer as as if the spouse gave the consent. Addressed ko to me — You vvertish? — Looking where... — my further phrase was interrupted by the spouse. — He to her will fasten a curtain. — And дырк... — I became silent looking at me. — And the mirror will hang up. — I finished Nadezhdinu the Spouse's thought — the daddy you will help!? — I in the childhood with Lilkoy on the yard ran, — When? — with a deep exhalation understanding that to me not to get out. The neighbor thought, got cellular — Hi the beauty, I agreed when to the Roman to suit him it is necessary to look at you, where to you to twist that know what with itself to take. — having caught my look and guessing that I want to turn out a phrase again — yes everything will be convenient, Tamara to you passes greetings, tomorrow after work it will come, you will show him. — having carried out by a finger on the screen I interrupted a call — Tomorrow after work you will come, it to seven will be at home. — Having lost ko to me interest with feeling of the executed debt, I turned to the spouse. The trill proceeded, Tamara nodded allowing to understand everything now on long go, to the son. Evening approached the logical end. 8:00 I rang out the alarm clock Friday the last working day, a shower, to shave, coffee, fresh socks, trousers, a shirt, a tie, a jacket, cologne, boots, a fur coat, a cap, all is ready for an exit. Having left an entrance, in a face I struck frosty air, in a night became cold still, yesterday Yandex promised (-35) told lies, it seemed to me more cold. The car got warm on avtozapuske, a door, a chair, the selector of transfers, went. I went as on a stool of a rack froze, a checkpoint, the floor, an office, a chair a working table, a computer, all to work. Day flew quickly descended on a warehouse of ready products where for a long time I got stuck nearly flew by by a lunch break where that to go desires aren't present a brass monkey weather on the street, has dinner in factory eatery. Preliminary results of week, reports of managers, meeting on DZ, updating of plans for the next week. I was tired! No, not physically psychologically. Behind a window is dark how many time 19: 05 in a corridor silence the youth was already washed away, preparing for night clubs, movie theaters, cafes and Friday debauchery, the PIK panel was started the engine the car confirming winked orange indexes of turns. I rubbed a face palms everything home a shower and to have a rest. Approaching the house, opposite to my entrance everything is hammered with cars under windows I won't put, drove to the yard, to distant entrances can there I will park, the last has a window between two cars here here I and will squeeze, the parking, dimensions, I suppress the engine, the briefcase took, the PIK panel singalka accepts night shift on protection, home. Having made several steps stopped, "that that didn't make? Pancake it is necessary to come to this girlfriend of the sister of the childhood today". Na hours 20: 00, agreed on 19: 00 it is normal, an entrance the on-door speakerphone, "what apartment.? To herself HZ so the eighth floor the apartment as our number three with 180 — 216, the floor minus 208 or 212, 212 angular, planning another, means 208 I type number an on-door speakerphone ringing. From the loudspeaker — YES — Lily — Yes — This is the Roman. — I open. — Voice serious short definite answers laconic. Elevator, "what floor? The eighth", already with irritability I press on the button, a brain in figures it is crowded, food, doors opened, the darkness a lamp on the floor doesn't burn, the button is ringing, behind a door the canary, click of the lock was filled in with singing, the door began to run over me bright light struck in eyes mechanically I release a look down, the short socks which are put on over warm panty hoses, the eyes are lifted up above, legs, the silk dressing gown, one hand in the region of a stomach holds dressing gown floors, a breast, a slit of a dressing gown, a neck, slightly curling on shoulders uncombed hair isn't visible light hits the person into eyes. — Kind evening, resolve. — without waiting for the answer I step over a threshold passing by the hostess. Briefcase on a curbstone for footwear nearby with a ladies' bag and a leather backpack, I take off a fur coat on a hanger, a cap that even, a lightning жжик boots on a rug at a door, I turn, to the hostess. Now she costs lit by chandelier light, the head is a little raised, she a little below me by growth, ostrenky a chin, slightly chubby cheeks, the hitched-up nose, in lobes of ears of an earring, gray widely open eyes without blinking look at me. — Show! — my voice sounded become hoarse. — What? — having begun to blink long eyelashes. — What to fasten what to hang up. Ne taking away an eye the hostess squeezed between me and a wall on which fur coats hung turned and went to depth of a corridor. — The door in this house isn't closed — I thought, having pulled for the handle an entrance door at the same time turning. The latch loudly clanked in silence, the hostess having shuddered stopped, turned in the party of so sharp sound. — I closed a door — I went afterwards for the hostess. At the left kitchen, doors to the living room, a corridor I rested against doors of a bathtub, a toilet, to the right and on the left two bedrooms. The hostess entered the bedroom, I behind her. — Here here to hang up a curtain! — The basis under a curtain was made? — I don't know!? — The step-ladder is? — No. Pancake it is necessary to drag the — the Stool or a chair will be? — Now — I jumped out, tapping with heels of house slippers, I ran on kitchen. To edge Na of a big bed of the room standing on the middle the long skirt of free breed, a pink blouse and a bra with thin lace lay. From a corridor the knock of heels was heard, on a threshold there was a hostess, bearing before herself a chair. Having seen the direction of my look — Oh, excuse — I raked up one hand all things at once. I released a chair which I already held, it was thrown to a case I stopped it was developed, I ran away into other bedroom. I returned when I already standing on a chair I felt the mortgage for a curtain through a tension ceiling, I got down so a chair I approached the hostess, my look stopped on a cut of her dressing gown hiding a magnificent breast. — Where to hang up a mirror? — In the bathroom to hang up in the bathroom, an a mirror in the hall. — Still desires are — having again stared at a dressing gown cut. — Yes, in the hall to hang up a curtain. In the living room there was a mirror leaned against a wall, the decent sizes for the bathroom with four points of fastening it is necessary to tinker. "So to take a drill on ceramics, the wall there as the rule, not bearing will be clarified easily, yes to me without difference the puncher is". I looked at curtains, "long it is necessary to take a hacksaw on metal, isn't present to saw not much only a cloth to drag less". — We will solve your problem, tomorrow it will be convenient? — Yes. — Vo how many it is possible to approach? — As it is convenient to you. — Then I with your permission will get enough sleep, the difficult week was, and to ten I will be at you. Ne early? — No. I went to a corridor to the fur coat waiting for me, I put on, the briefcase, turned to the living room of the hostess standing at a door — Pleasant night. — Thanks. The door, the elevator, the yard, my entrance, the elevator, native door, all left and closed houses. Evening flew by quickly. A call to a door, "someone devils brought". Na a threshold there was a Neighbour — Hello! — kissing me on a cheek at the same time setting up the - It is I, Toma you houses? beer is? Pour! — No. — WHAT isn't present. — Tamara is absent. — As! — being surprised with absence in so late hour. From the living room the spouse — Houses I appeared at home, again he scoffs at you. — Well it is fine, listen. — without noticing me any more. The neighbor started the jabber addressing the spouse. I poured him in beer wine glasses, myself in a mug. "It is good that I then didn't part it on sex, it so the pomelom definitely if not at once so then blabs out though can and isn't present". — Ne kept, I need to know everything, Lilke, narzhalas called!!! — having looked at me — You that for confused the girl? — I her finger didn't touch, and Srany didn't suggest to chisel through her. — smiling, looking at the neighbor I reminded o a yesterday's conversation. — Volumes he again? — No! Nadia he again! You for so many years all won't get used!? — Yes go you. I put wine glasses with beer on a table, Tamara put an elbow on a table and rested a chin against a palm, prepared for the next trill of the neighbor, I having taken a mug, went to the son. — Listen! I call Lilke, I ask that agreed? Having heard this phrase, I stopped in a corridor. — She speaks, I wait for your neighbor calls, I open a door and slightly didn't sit down on a bum. There is a man, in a fur coat, with a briefcase, in a suit, at a tie what myself the mechanic the plumber, an I didn't tell her that he at you there what that the chief that only in a suit with a tie goes to work. In the general if speaks, I knew, wouldn't agree. Tomorrow on ten agreed. — I know, Roma told. — Here and I to you... Further I didn't listen to Saturday fights of world of tankc in one team with Antoshkoy today any more. I went to bed late in memory words turned Ninkina, Lilin a silhouette, her thin neck, a slender figure, a magnificent breast, the slender tightened hips emerged, a can not such and slender a so her surprised person and a stupor look under dense tights, clear now why. With these thoughts I fell asleep. I woke up from touch of lips of the spouse in the morning. — Get up! — time you is occupied I today I will take Antoshku on a training, then we will go to MEGA it is necessary for it a sweater yes of denim to buy again goes as hit then I reduce him at cinema all week asks. Get up! Unwillingly I rose, a shower — I won't have a shave Saturday the easy bristle remained on a face. The breakfast to gather, the screw gun, the puncher, the tool, everything, there is no step-ladder, all now. A sports jacket, sneakers, I went. The entrance, on-door speakerphone 208, on-door speakerphone modulations, a frost bites cheeks, the nose, the on-door speakerphone became silent answered nobody, "OOPS time 9: 45 that else the second attempt the 208th call sleeps" I wait. From the loudspeaker — Yes — a cheerful playful voice. I look on figure 208, "it seems those, there was another yesterday or I have acoustical hallucinations" — EEE, Lilia эт. — I didn't manage to finish speaking. — Da Roman I open. The on-door speakerphone bryaknut a magnet weakened the dead grasp, opened a door, the elevator, button eight, the floor, a call, canary modulations, a door began to open, "хм the lock didn't click the mechanism". Na a threshold there was a slender woman with the curling hair an easy make-up, chubby sponges are stretched in a smile, on cheeks dimples were formed, the thin neck on velvet skin lay a gold chain with a pendant pointing to a slit of the silk dressing gown covering a magnificent breast, the waist was emphasized by the belt tied on one big bow, the ends of a belt hung down one of which came to an end in the bottom of a flat tummy, the second is a little higher than a dressing gown hem. My look slid down, a dressing gown hem from under whom equal hips, with velvet skin began. Ostrenkiye kolenochki, the shin was narrowed to thin ankles, on ступнях house slippers with a down of a hare tail, from under fabrics embracing foot two fingers looking at me a cherry pedicure looked out. The Piglet I began to rise, the leg was bent in a knee, having emphasized her sharp beauty. A deep sigh of a nostril extended, involving aroma of her spirits, excitement swept on a body, speeding up heartbeat, dispersing blood on a body. The gentle velvet voice returned me to reality from contemplation of her body. — You pass the Roman. In her gray eyes a sparkle, on a face a smile with confusion notes from my impudent frank body feeling her a look, on cheeks the flush appeared. Having stumbled about a threshold I became hollow to the apartment, having nearly buried a nose in her magnificent breast. YoP! — it rugnutsya on the krivonogost, I took off a jacket, sneakers. Today the hostess didn't forget to close a door, the lock clicked the interior. — Excuse, I don't offer a slipper, I have no your size. — Ne it is necessary on a step-ladder in someone else's footwear inconveniently. From where will we begin? — From where it is convenient to you? "Perhaps, it would be convenient to me from a bed". As that not the controlled thought slipped, povinuyas to it legs incurred to the bedroom. I entered, the bed is accurately made, under a plaid in a headboard quite volume pillows, "here them under your buttocks", the second rushed. "So ourselves in hands, we work". The step-ladder to a window, from the battery radiates with heat. — Than I can help you? — Thanks so far anything. Measurement are long future curtain, to the living room behind a curtain. Na a room threshold Lilia having leaned the elbows on a door jamb having put on is more useless the head, standing on one slender leg having brought for her the second, the thoughtful look was sent through me where that to a distance as as if I glass, approached closely her. Having shuddered, the hostess often began to blink focusing on me already conscious look. — A curtain in the hall? — quietly I asked. — Yes — everything is still final without having returned to reality. Heart increasing the reductions again dispersed blood. "Why when it close becomes frequent heartbeat"!? I settled down in a corridor a back to an entrance door, Lilia left on kitchen zazhurchala water, slapped a refrigerator door. I dopilival when was distributed knock of a door of o a wall, having raised the head in the direction of unexpectedly loud sound, in a small corridor there was absolutely nude figure which pasted to itself my look. The body whisked in a toilet having closed behind itself a door. I rolled erections. The dick began to strain lying along a hip, the third leg grows, "I will acquire with such demonstrations and a fashion show now already of two attractive persons today". From a toilet noise of water sounded the door opened, having left in a corridor, young Nympha stretched, directing palms up rising on nasochki. Her breast with sharp peaks of the sticking-out nipples rose, the thin waist emphasized hips, a flat stomach with a small hole of a navel, rare ringlets on a pubis slender legs, sharp knees, thin ankles, a cherry pedicure, the Second Lilia absolutely nude not hesitating of my presence at all, in pants there was an explosion, the dick bulked up, being extended, creeping on a hip. Nympha's hands began everything with tension to fall, describing a circle, eyes opened our views met, Nympha's eyelids continued the movement all stronger opening brown eyes, the person began to be extended a jaw spread down disconnecting thin sponges. Having begun to blink eyes, the mouth was closed taking a portion of air in lungs, one hand covered with the sharp movement both breasts another laid down on a curly pubis, having begun to squeal Nympha jerked to the room. From kitchen on squeal Lilia nearly ran out having crashed into me to wide steps passed to the room. — You what you squeal? — I left from a toilet, a there, a there!!! — I spoke to you in the morning the Roman (I stopped short, I wanted to call a middle name but she didn't know him) will come — That you naked didn't rush. The hostess appeared in a corridor, smiling — Excuse. — Normally don't endure everything. — Smiling, I continued to saw. Standing on a step-ladder I fastened a curtain to a ceiling, the erection began to disappear, "All the friend here doesn't shine today you! — A why you decided what shone? — So everything is clear a dressing gown, confusion, firing by eyes. — The eyes which slightly swelled up a little night sleepless, so it not for you, it after rough night flits. — Here also break off tie horse-radish on knot". — My internal dialogue interrupted a quiet soft voice. — Will you have breakfast with us? — Thanks I have breakfast at home. — I have a good tea, Coffee? "Persistent"! — Popozzhe if you don't mind. — I! Ne minds — having shot eyes. Yes as you will tie your division here!!! From the battery there was not taken out heat — At you very warmly! Don't you awake to object, I will put on shorts? — Yes please as it will be convenient to you. — I left the bedroom having covered for myself a door. I changed clothes, I finished in the bedroom, I moved to the living room all most on knurled too, young Nympha Lilia's copy ran on the apartment trying not to meet so me a look. The second curtain weighs where to it there and it is necessary. — Mothers I ran. — What plans at you today. — We with girls at first in MEGA will take a walk, I want by new year that be to look after, a then the Continent at cinema and in cafe we will hang out. — Money to give. — At me is, but if that-to will be pleasant, give. — Home in how many you will come. — Well I don't know. Zalyazgal the lock, the door slapped. Na a threshold of the living room Lilia — Oh appeared! You already all? So quickly! — Ne absolutely all koe that else remained. — smiling I looked in her gray eyes. — A that else? — A mirror — I will nod in the party of the mirror standing at a wall. — Oh, I absolutely forgot! All can do coffee? — Perhaps, now I won't be able to refuse to you any more! Na to kitchen at a wall a table from a glass stoleshney which was surrounded by three chairs. Having passed through all kitchen of villages a back in a corner. Ne I love when there is no opportunity to control space. The lily turned with the coffee maker costing ko to me a back, now I could examine quietly her slender legs, roundish buttocks. Lilina of a leg, I carried a dressing gown, a magnificent breast, sensual sponges. So behind installation and pictures which were drawn by my imagination I hung up a mirror in the bathroom. In the bedroom standing on a step-ladder the hostess hung up curtains, having risen on tiptoes opening a look the pink round Piglet lifted to a hand ceiling raised a dressing gown baring buttocks which on border with hips formed a fold. As I was a row I don't remember, standing inhaling imperceptible aroma at each breath of a nostril were inflated, trying to pass through themselves as more aroma of her body is possible. — To help you? From surprise Lilia shuddered, the step-ladder shook, Lilia lost balance Falling turned ko to me. Attempt to grasp it by a waist success not uvenchalas, ь hands slipped on hips under a dressing gown, caught elastic buttocks in a palm. Palms leaned o my shoulders, I pressed it to myself. From above her magnificent breast approached my person, slowly sliding on the person, before eyes the thin neck floated, a sharp chin, chubby sponges, a nose, eyes, our views met. Ne tearing off a look raising the head up Lilia got up on a floor. Palms I squeezed buttocks fingers of the right hand got to the warm gorge between buttocks, resting small pillows against buttocks. Wash and so the horney dick to strain even stronger, heart uchashchyonno fought. I pulled hands on buttocks, enjoying velvet skin. — Nee ubiiray. — in a whisper inclining the head. Our lips directed on a meeting to the first kiss. Gentle the warm touch of lips developed into smooth movements. My hand crept on a buttock to a waist lifting a dressing gown. The sharp movement pressing one hand on a waist another on a buttock, I pressed stronger to myself. Her hip nestled on a horney dick. — Ooh. — From surprise gray eyes opened. The hillock formed by the intense bent dick rested against her pubis. "How to start a hand in pants to develop a dick in top to allow blood to fill freely him". The risen eyelids opened the obscured gray eyes. I was discharged, without tearing off a look, took the short end of a belt having pulled, the loop of a bow began to decrease slipped a small knot, pulled for a small knot which easily gave in, weakening a belt grasp on a waist. Having passed through knot the ends scattered in the parties, touched a gentle skin on a neck with small pillows of fingers led directing to a nipple to boobies. The dressing gown unwillingly opened the delights of the hostess hidden under themselves, our eyes watched my fingers sliding up to a breast. Nipples strained being excreted with buttons to which from the last of forces the dressing gown clung, having left the last attempt to hide from my look slipped baring the nipple which is sticking out from excitement. Fingers slid on a brown aura around a nipple. Lelya sat down having taken the plaid lying on a bed, pulled it baring whiteness of a sheet. I lifted my t-shirt her warm palm gently slid on a body, now her look and a palm studied me, having left a body the t-shirt fell to a floor. Having taken for a waist, I pulled on myself, nipples touched a body from what her shoulders shuddered, the elastic breast from pressure began to spread on mine. Lips met in not the such shy kiss second any more. I pushed her to edge of a bed, having interrupted a village kiss on a bed, having raised a slender leg pyatochkoy and resting palms against a hard mattress slid to the middle of a bed, the dressing gown pressed by buttocks to a bed stretched trying to keep on shoulders slid off, stopped at the elbows resting against a mattress, feet stood on a sheet densely pressed to each other as and kolenochki with hips. Having got up on knees, I parted the knees so how to squeeze between her densely compressed it wasn't possible, palms I slid on hips to a waist which was twisted by a black elastic band of thongs. Her eyes watched my hands, the breast rose filled by desire, having got fingers under an elastic band pulled on itself, Lilia raised the head, eyes met, raised buttocks without resisting my desire to get rid of thongs, the elastic band slid on hips, the triangle of lacy fabric was wrapped baring shaved a pubis, unwillingly handing over last main withheld a bastion protected bodies, fabric slid on hips, having passed peaks of knees went to ankles, feet rose, allowing me to get rid of this barrier. Gray eyes monitor each movement, tension on a face from uncertainty, "that further"? My palms on kolenochkakh parted them in the parties, hips were moved apart opening a look petals of her orchid. Lips touched kolenochki, having licked the dry lips fell touched the internal surface of a hip already not only with lips below, the sharp damp tongue slid on velvet skin to damp petals of an orchid. Gray eyes monitored each movement, touch trying not to miss anything. I laid down between the legs bent in knees. In my palms her elastic buttocks lay, I threw back the head, our eyes met. Gray eyes still monitored all my movements, touches connecting them with feelings of a body. My lips were opposite to pressed to each other by petals of a fine orchid, began to steal a mouth, seeing her eyelids floated up, densely compressed sponges left Lilina conducted by the lower jaw, synchronously so me the jaw crept down, our lips reminded the capital thin letter "O" if I touch her flower it now all appeared at me in a mouth. Having blinked several time without coming off my widely opened mouth from depth of which sharp language appeared, Lille didn't breathe. Language having concerned the lower edge of her petals I directed up at the same time moving apart and deepening it in a bud. The nectar released by language began to flow on language from a hot bud. — AAA. — slowly exhaling. Ne bringing language to the cherry which is behind petals I took out language, having hidden behind lips, Lilin a mouth was closed too, hard zadysha looked with a nose to me in eyes, my mouth began to repeat the previous actions, in this time of Lilina of a sponge on the contrary strong contracted. Language surely sliding between petals I moved to the cherry hiding in the top of a bud. Having concerned language of firm cherry greedy I dropped lips sticking, a hickey. — AAAAAAAA. — passing to peep. The lily fell on a back, squeezing a sheet, a deep breath in cams. Language I plunged into a bud, sliding up resting against bud top. — OOYYYYYY — exhaling from itself, I pressed hips my head. Language movements in hot the filled nectar from excitement a bud accelerated, lips ate petals of the blossoming flower, language dived into depth, was turned concerning everything what could reach. Giving in to pressure of my palms Lilia rose, zadvigav a basin catching in itself language. Breath is deep, her movements it was accelerated, palms laid down on my nape, fingers vpivalist a marigold in a scalp, pressing on the head. I didn't support a buttock any more submitting to movements of a basin they moved in my palms, the press strained, having begun to tremble all body, Lilia leaning on the head curved a back. — MAIIIIIII. — passing to peep. Having strong clamped my head hips, having seized my hair I pulled, I pressed me in myself. The orgasm covered it with waves, without weakening a grasp turned on one side, being reduced was bent in a pose of an embryo began to tremble, stood. Lille I breathed I weakened grasps, my mouth which is densely pressed to a bud was filled with pleasure nectar, the nose is densely pressed to a pubis, still it is a little and I will begin to choke, a vice of hips doesn't release, manicure on a nape sticks into a scalp, moving apart petals sharply drove language in a bud. — OOOOO. Vice weakened, escaping from their embraces extended a neck as drowning seemed on the surface of water deeply doing the first breath the nectar which is carried away by a stream of air got into a trachea having blocked breath, lying between hips I buried in a sheet have a fit of coughing, seemed that now I will spit out lungs. Na the person Lily the pleasure, corners of lips are hitched up up, the crossed hands remained to lie on a pubis. I enjoyed this show, pupils moved under the lowered centuries, "That she sees"? Eyelids rose separating the eyelashes clinging the friend to the friend pupils ran collecting information on the surrounding world, having seen me sitting nearby with the look devouring her body. — Where I? — You at itself house — caressing her on a hip. — What was it? — without moving, moving only with lips. — A as you think? — I don't know yet? — When do you learn you will tell? — The lily tried to extend legs and they began to tremble. — OOOO. — with effort I straightened them I laid down on a back. I laid down nearby the hand slid on the relaxed tummy to a breast. A lily having embraced one hand for a neck I pulled me to the lips. Kiss very gentle. — What at you on lips? — having looked at them. — Nectar of your orchid. — What orchid. I put a palm on a pubis entered a finger into a bud. Eyelids rose opening gray eyes more widely, the jaw spread down opening a mouth with a deep breath, roofing felts from my actions or from understanding in what there were my lips, cheeks, a chin, all person seemed to me. — Your flower nearly drowned me in the nectar, embrace a practically strangled. — So here what the rattle was. — looking widely opened eyes. — Did you hear me? — I don't know! — What don't you know? — Romochka I know nothing now, to me was so, so!!! — selecting words, gray eyes without coming off looked at me. — How to you was? Having embraced me for a neck I stuck into lips greedy eating the nectar from my lips, filling up me on a back, I threw a leg having taken seat astride. Having felt fabric under buttocks, looked at shorts — You why in shorts? — A in what I have to be? — didn't you remove them? — I don't remember, I remember nothing!!! — hung up curtains? — I remember! — I fall? I remember! — Then I don't remember! Bending, the first her nipples touched me, the breast nestled on mine, the nose buried in a neck. — I already forgot that it as it... — Oops! — not randomly I said in a voice floor, "works in fitness club of flying away, apollonov there, young yes and young people it is necessary to catch to such in a bed will jump". — What oops? — Oops! — at me from your sweet voice, your touches the friend will break now. Having jumped up as stung I sat down a back ko to me. A palm slightly concerning shortov, the dick tried to lift a trouser-leg. Fingers pulled shorts till a way down having hooked, pants, shorts crept baring a pubis, the dick strained absorbing the next portion of blood having a presentiment of fast freedom, his bend, a head seemed, having released describing an arch the stomach bottom plopped down the confused o. — Oh! — What happened? — I rose leaning on elbows. — I don't know yet, but it is pleasant to me!!! — I concerned pillows of fingers, the member from a bridle to a ball sack caressed, having thought itself didn't notice how she aloud said. — Beautiful. — Someone? — I asked again. — What? — You only that told, "beautiful". — You don't overhear A!!! — I will well spy. — enclosing itself under the head a pillow — it is so more convenient to observe. — Still hleshche. — cheeks were poured by a flush. — You watched me! — YAYAYA!!! — No, I! I not only admired, I enjoyed you! — At you magically it turned out, I will try too — Lilina cheeks reddened though ice of a bog on them — well and look! — I turned away, drew near ko to me, I lowered buttocks on the Piglet. Sponges concerned a head fingers embracing a dick fell to the basis pulling skin which in the turn pulled a bridle. Chubby sponges concerned a head slid on it passing in a hot mouth. Firm as a stone the dick trembled, sponges disappeared. — I made painfully? — it is frightened. — No, you made very pleasantly! — Then I will continue. — With captation smiling, not waiting for the answer of a sponge accepted a head in the embraces slid on the dick. — DAA — Having closed eyes I was given to feelings. The hot mouth immersed in itself a head with each time more and more deeply, I put a hand on her buttocks sitting nearby on the pink Piglet, having squeezed between hips nestled fingers on petals. — MMM. Having stopped holding with lips a head, transferring body weight from one leg to another I moved apart hips. — Still. — protiskivaya the palm is deeper. — AHA! — having even more moved apart hips, providing more place for a palm. Having carried out on damp petals of an orchid, nadavl a finger I separated them I shipped in a hot bud on one phalanx a finger. Lilina sponges smoothly moved on a head. I clasped a hip I pulled on myself. — You that? — Throw through me a leg, — Why? — I want to admire an orchid — I pressed on a hip. Having thrown through me a leg Lilia stood a crustacean of home, having slipped on a sheet under her, palmed off the second pillow under the head, everything is early far, having rested palms against hips pressed knees began to part a bud began to come nearer. The lily stood leaning a palm in a mattress, the second holding a dick, executed my requirements. — My short-sightedness far I don't see! — In total?. — I yes, at you am wishes a girl? Having shaken the head, Lilia bent, having grabbed a head with lips. Movements smooth synchronous with the fingers sliding on the dick. The orchid attracted the swelled up a little petals, touched with lips, sharp language separated them. Language plunged into a hot damp bud. — UF. — exhaling through a nose. Language moved in a bud. Having embraced hands for a waist I attracted to myself, the back caved in, here and cherry. Lelya moved on a meeting to my language, immersing a head in a mouth, all her movements were synchronous at the accelerating speed passing into mad. Having released a head leaning a palm on a bed of the second I accelerated movements on the dick, I threw back the head. Having interrupted a kiss of petals I entered a finger pressing I moved him in a bud, her movements turned into a shiver. — AAAAAA. — The shiver shook all body, the head was hung, hair touched a head. The lily stood nepodvizhno without breathing. I touched by a finger of cherry pressing on it. Having shuddered, I curved on cat's a back. — OOO — being broken from fingers. I fell between my legs pressing a dick the tummy to my pubis strong squeezing him in a palm. I caressed her hips, Lilia lay nepodvizhno only periodically shuddering, the deep exhalation relaxing her body. I touched the wet swelled up a little orchid petals. — HE-HE-HE, throwing through me a leg, I laid down nearby having put the head on my hip. — You what you create? — so it is impossible!!! — How it is possible? The lily rose, laid down nearby put the head on my breast, nestled a pubis on a hip, threw back a leg to me on a stomach. — I will tell then you. — caressing starting fingers in mine of a hair. — You have such thick, soft hair. — I rub with their balls. — Truth!!! — being surprised to my answer. — You don't know this bearded joke!!! — No! There is Petka from a bath, won't meet Vasily Ivanovich, greeted, stand, bazaryat, V.I. — Petka what hair at you dense, fluffy! The item is A I their Vasily Ivanovich, I rub with balls. V.I. (with a grin) — Well you and the acrobat Petka. Gray eyes looked in mine, the dick moved having touched her hip, having looked at him sponges stretched in a smile, in a moment laughed ringing infectious laughter, looked at my head, then on a dick behind which the ball sack hung, I laughed infectiously clapping on my breast a palm. — P-Pokazhesh? — What? — How to rub? — No, I won't be able! — Why? — I so won't be bent. We laughed, the dick rested a head against her hip. The lily kissed my lips. — Your friend my sponges calls. — I took away a leg again I sat down nearby I put buttocks on the Piglet I bent, having seen a ball sack I giggled, the dick sponges took, slid immersing him in a mouth. The palm laid down on her buttocks again. — UKU-UKU-UKU. — crossing on kolenochkakh. The buttocks escaped. The lily turned, holding a head sponges cut on her a carving stopped between my legs lowered buttocks on the Piglet looked to me in eyes, sponges spread on the head, the dick plunged into a moist mouth. Having closed eyes I was given to feelings, from touch of her sponges, a uvula. From a long erection quickly began to take away having caught it by the head I pressed down towards to the movements accelerating speed, the ball sack was drawn in the first wave the dick filled with a cum, the stream rushed into a mouth, having released a dick holding sponges only a head Lilia stopped, moving fingers skin on the dick, in me second more powerful rolled on feelings and volume of a cum a pleasure wave, having pressed on a nape the dick plunged in attracting a moist mouth, a powerful stream struck with her in a throat, having coughed, the dick slowly entered into a mouth. I relaxed, being given to pleasure. The lily lay on my breast — At me it turned out? — Attentively considering me. — Yes, at you everything turned out the girl! — Caressing her curling hair. Gray eyes peered into my face. — Do you study? — No, I enjoy, you have wrinkles. — caressing fingers on a cheek. Pleasant weight filled the relaxed body, feeling of euphoria. — You are hungry? — No, you plentifully gave to drink me. — Than? — Nectar! Being confused shooting eyes Lilia by a low voice — No you fed me so too fed, I nearly choked — playfully smiling. — We will go we will have dinner, I stewed potato with meat, a salmon salty, I will make salad now. — We will go, I seem really got hungry. The on-door speakerphone rang out, Lilia swelled up, on a face a fright. — Katyukha!!! Jumping off from a bed I pulled the dressing gown pressed by my back. — Give! — without waiting when I get up threw a dressing gown ran to the on-door speakerphone. — Yes, I open. I ran to the bedroom I saw the stirred bed. — HOLY MOLY. I grabbed with one hand a plaid I pulled it closing the crumpled sheet, at the same time picking up dressing gown second. Together pulled a plaid, Lilia fussy caught a hand a sleeve somewhere behind a back, I put on shorts in which cowards hid, looked at a t-shirt on Lilia who was running out from the bedroom. — Stand! — What? — Dressing gown! — What dressing gown? — A spot on a bottom!!! I grabbed the buttocks with hands, her palms felt moisture, the person was extended eyes were rounded. — OY-OY. — Taking off a dressing gown. I left him on a bed, without hesitating of the nakedness at all. I opened a wardrobe, snatching out other dressing gown from its depth, I ran, putting on to an entrance door. I sat down on kortochki assembled the tool from a floor. Sring peacefully lay on a floor, having lifted felt their cold humidity. Na minds a bed a dresser on which there was a TV, I hung up thongs on a corner of the TV I continued to assemble the tool. — Mummy oh-oy. — was heard from a corridor, the girl flew in a toilet. Afterwards there was Lilia in a turquoise dressing gown, long to the ankles, head hair reminded atomic explosion, approached, in a whisper. — Didn't you see my slippers? — Na the TV hang. — YoP!!! — grabbed panties — As they got here? Katyukha didn't see? — She now except a toilet bowl sees nothing, you saw the head? Lelya looked in a mirror. — pancake, pancake — I ran. — Stand — I took tapochkiki approached, I got up on one knee I took away a hem of a dressing gown I took for an ankle I pulled on myself, Liiya's leg bending a leg in a knee, I lowered notches, I dressed slippers. — The Cinderella lost a shoe! Op both shoes! — I rose. The lily is already quiet embraced for a neck kissed my lips. — Ty-Ty! — in a whisper. In a toilet zazhurchala water escaping from a drain flank that meant skoroe Ekaterina's appearance. — Pancake the hairbrush in the bathroom — nervously stamped a leg. — So there now and the mirror is! Lille on tiptoes that to knock heels I disappeared in the bathroom. Ekaterina came into the bedroom. All all on corners. The lily left the bathroom examining itself smoothing a dressing gown carrying out by palms up to a breast to a tummy. — To help you Lilia. — Watching her movements. The lily smiled, swinging the head — Thanks itself I will cope. From the bedroom Ekaterina appeared. — Mothers of a you that in this dressing gown!? — Looking at mother's back. Lilina the smile disappeared. — Na I prepared for kitchen, I have a shower bath. — without turning around I went to kitchen. Ekaterina afterwards. I washed having saved the person from a mask from orchid nectar, put the puncher, tools in a bag. — Go to have dinner, I covered on a table. — The lily stood having bent one leg sharp kolenochka stuck out having opened dressing gown floors. I nestled on her lips, sharply straightened a leg, kolenochka disappeared. — You that!!! — in a whisper. In a corridor Ekaterina appeared. — Mothers I ran. — Have dinner normally. — Neka, we now to the Continent in cafe then at cinema. — I went to put on. We passed on kitchen, sat down on that place at a window, the table is laid, Ekaterina, put on boots, bent, "an a bum at her is less than Lilinoy it and it is clear didn't give birth yet", Lille caught my look, passed in a corridor, having blocked me the review. Katya put on a fur coat. — All kisses - kisses of mothers I ran — jumped out in an entrance. Lelya closed a door, got up at an entrance to kitchen, with indignation. — You that you stare at Katyukhu. — I!!! I don't stare, I there already saw everything! — CHTOOO!!! — So your copy arranged sex of a fashion show in the morning today! — smiling. — Growth at you identical 165 — 170, a hair fair-haired such curling as at you, a high forehead, eyes at her only not gray a brown, a nose is hitched up, thin sponges, cheeks chubby with dimples, ostrenky a chin, a thin neck — Lille attentively looked in my eyes, my further description drew surprise on her face, having widely opened gray eyes — the Breast of the fourth isn't present less yours, the third size with the sharp light-brown sticking-out nipples, a thin waist, roundish hips, on a ringlet pubis, slender equal legs, a cherry pedicure. — the last phrases forced to begin to shake chubby sponges. — Your sponges are pleasant to me more! Did you together do a pedicure? — Yes — having nodded the head returning to reality. — She what half an hour there naked stood? — No, seconds five at most! A that? — You described her so as as if she half an hour before you turned! — No your birthmark over the right buttock makes horney me more. Lelya put a palm above a buttock as as if I could see her through a dressing gown now. — From where do you know? — Unless you before me didn't take off a dressing gown? — No! you removed. — No it doesn't change an essence. — You are dangerous!!! — No, I kind, harmless! — Aha, I remember as you one look undressed me standing on a threshold in the morning, I even thought that naked the door opened for you, the Katyusha, please, don't touch, please, she still the girl — with entreaty in eyes. I approached, in eyes, teardrops, took for shoulders shook. — You that! Lille, calm down. — I one raised her, she all that I have — embracing me waists are higher. — Promise me, please. — Yes I what gave a reason? — No — having bent a back resting palms against a breast back. My hands embraced her for a waist. Already smiling I continued by the fawning voice — No, didn't give, but I described so!!! As as if she faces you. Can you describe me too? — I can! I will begin only with an orchid. — OY-OY, no, differently we won't have dinner, already everything cooled down, sit down. In a jacket the mobile phone rang out, on the screen Tamara was highlighted. — Hi! — The lily heard only me. — Curtains weigh, Lilia hung up curtains, with a mirror I am engaged. Not yet but insists — parting dressing gown floors with a palm I slipped on a pubis fingers to petals, Lilina eyes widely revealed, the mouth opened — so far only gave to drink! — looking in the gray not blinking eyes, I pushed a finger between petals, smiling in thirty two teeth. — Neet not piivom! Smells tasty — I bent to Lilia inflating nostrils smelling her. — Will offer, I won't be able to refuse. I will well tell through how many, OK, I kiss. — I carried out on the screen cellular breaking off communication. Lelya stood as a marble statue, my kiss recovered her. — I am a silly woman or I what-to I don't understand? — What happened? — You now what told Tamara? — That! — I hung up curtains, I hang up a mirror now, I had coffee, I didn't drink beer, you make a lunch he delicious smells, probably will suggest to refuse I won't be able. A you what thought? — FFUUU. — having inflated cheeks Lilia exhaled. — Ya-I, my brain exploded listening to you, FFUUU. — having again inflated cheeks. — You so don't joke, I thought at me a heart attack now to happen or so shame I will burn down! — Kakoe at you a weak heart and very rich imagination!!! — You so build offers that to understand you all crinkles in knot it is necessary to twirl. — A at you on them only ears to keep? — I smiled. — In sense? — Two surgeons operate the blonde. 1 — Say at blondes one crinkle, let's glance. 2 — No! Yes and operation not on the head, is a skull it is necessary to open as then we will explain a uterus operation a scar on the head! 1 — we will normally say yes an unforeseen situation it was necessary to open a skull, well give. 2 — it is the Well most interesting. Opened a skull, a one thread there? Touched a hand I moved, stroked I began to groan, neigh one I took scissors yes I cut. Crack ears fell off. Lelya laughed — Means at me one ears holds, yes, YES I ask. — clapping me a palm up to a breast. — Ne I know under hair it isn't visible — laughing as she on children's inflated sponges. — ChTOOOO иииииии — began to squeak, stamping legs clapping palms me up to a breast. — Everything I don't listen to you, you will have dinner? Or you awake me to offend? — I a finger didn't touch you!!! — I don't listen to you! Aha, I didn't touch!!! — Ne touched! You took him and as a uvula I drove-gonyala Chupa Chups on a mouth, he ran away-ubegal then was tired stopped iiya sweated. Lelya clapped eyes. — You are always such? — on a face undisguised surprise. — No, at work I am severe, ruthless and ruthless. — I don't trust!!! — swinging the head. — If I am such that in my departments such mess and the debauchery was created? Resting me against a breast palms, I escaped from embraces. Yes a mirror huge, having held up hands under a water stream, I hung up it under a small corner, the mirror reflected facing him completely. The canary the announcing o the guest behind an entrance door started singing. — Hi Lille! — Thomas's hello, pass you will have dinner? — I the Roman persuaded to have dinner. Passing along a corridor I looked at a curtain in the living room, the TV a wall, "op the socket not densely adjoins to a wall, it is necessary to correct", little girls sat at a table. — You pass the novel sit down. — Thanks. — Wine! I have a present Georgian. Tamara let's drink? — In other time with pleasure, I to Anton promised to reduce today thanks of Lille at cinema. Little girls remembered the childhood laughed, Lille wrapped up a dressing gown, having hidden completely slender legs. Having eaten up potato with meat, I washed down with a drink of mineral water I got up because of a table. — Thanks to the hostess for a tasty, nourishing lunch, I will abandon you. — Idi Papochka work. — A tea, coffee? — No, Lilia is absent thanks, I have nourishingly dinner, can later. — The daddy unusually on Saturday without beer!? — Tamara smiled. — Of course! — it is more cheerful to work with beer. — I have no beer! — the hostess was upset. — Everything normally don't worry. — leaving kitchen. — Tamar I behind beer run now! Kakoe the Roman loves? — Calm down, he jokes, brag of super repair, Nadezhda to me dinned into the ears. — Oh yes what super wall on the place, so cosmetics. — went to examine the apartment. Here women everywhere they need to thrust the nose. I sat I fixed the socket. Little girls, Tamara from a threshold came into the living room. — The daddy you-zhe wasn't strongly tired? — sitting down by a row, caressing me on a back. — What do you want with under me? — Well with under you that I want to you then I will tell. No you weren't tired the daddy? — With captation looking in my eyes. — I listen! — We will go I will show! — It is direct in guests you will show? — Yes!!! At home I won't be able! — Intrigue! Conduct show. — Tamara having taken me for a hand I led to Ekaterina's room. — Tamara it isn't necessary, to me it is inconvenient. — The lily went afterwards. — Lille! Inconveniently to put on trousers through the head and to have sex on a ceiling, all the rest is convenient. Here the daddy it is very necessary to help the lonely woman! In the room there was a sofa, in a corner on a chair the monitor, on a floor the processor, the keyboard, a mouse, a padded stool nearby, leaning on walls there were boxes with furniture. — Vakhkh!!! I for won't manage to collect everything today! — The daddy not Vakh, it is necessary to help, today you won't be in time, tomorrow you will complete, Lille at you on tomorrow what plans? — Any! — Here the daddy at you one and a half more days ahead, I after cinema of a beer home will bring to you. — caressing on a hand. — A you houses with Nadkoy already drank everything? — No! Here you see houses beer and so is, the daddy it is necessary, the child of a thing has no place to spread out. — Let on the TV hangs out. — Smiling, I looked at Lilia who reddened as tomato. — The father will be enough to joke! — So all гэть from a mudflow. — I slapped Tamara in a bum I pushed out from the room. — Oh to me it is direct, I don't even know. — The hostess was confused. — All went, that he now still poshlit will begin a. — Tamara pulled Lilia by a hand. — Someone poshlit, I!!! I am modesty, in a cube from crystal! — I was indignant with him following. — Me don't tell DA-DA the fable, I you in 20 years with a hook... Here and the new front of works, we will begin with a table, the child probably writes term papers on a floor. I unpacked a box, the instruction, familiar model, went. — Rum to me it is so awkward! Tamara so insisted I didn't know how to refuse. — Everything is normal, Lilia Vam it isn't difficult to bring to drink? — The throat dried up. — Konechno-konechno what you want some coffee, tea? — I at you saw mineral water. — We on you passed? — By a sad voice. — Excuse on the automatic machine. The lily escaped on kitchen. — Take — stretching a glass. — Thanks. — In a volley I devastated it. — Still? — Isn't present but now I will drink much, wood dust dries a throat! — I continued to collect. As and when Lilia left I didn't hear, having twirled the last bolt in a table-top sat on a floor examining a table. The entrance door, polyethylene rustling slapped deaf knock in kitchen, to the room Lilia on cheeks a flush, a nose tip red ran, sat down on a sofa behind my back pressed cold palms to my cheeks, embraced legs. I nestled lips on a nape. — There TAAK is cold, you already collected a table! Quickly. — Yes where quickly! Hour was precisely taken, it isn't very convenient to one — turning to Lilia. I sat down leaning o knees a floor. I took it for wrists, a finger are compressed in cams, I brought to a mouth warming with breath. — As you guessed in one blouse, jeans on kapron tights on a frost. — I didn't think that I in a fur coat winter boots so will freeze, I through the road to supermarket only. — And what you incurred there? — A here! — smiling, declining the head to a shoulder. I put her feet on the hips — what they are cold. — I took for an ankle I brought to a mouth warming with breath fingers. — This was already warmed — lowering a leg, itself lifted the second. — this froze too. Warming I carried out by a palm on foot, Lilia moved. — You that shchekotno. — You are afraid of a tickling!? — Yes!!! Strongly! — So you are a jealous girl? — Ne I know while there was nobody to be jealous. I kissed kolenochki — Ne it is pleasant. — I wrinkled a nose. — What isn't pleasant! — without understanding. — They — I nodded in side of her hips. — You don't like my legs! They thick yes? — No, your sexual slender, making horney me legs, very much are pleasant to me. There is no A they! — again having nodded in side of her hips. — You are o what! — with sincere surprise. Undoing a button, I pulled for a lightning on a fly жжжжж. Jeans didn't want to leave buttocks, Lilia got up moving buttocks helped me to pull together opposite jeans, having taken tights and an elastic band of thongs pulled everything down. Jeans, released buttocks from the embraces, sharply pulled down, baring a pubis, stuck into it lips, Crossing from a leg on a leg of Lille helped to pull together tights, holding hands my head. I rose, I undid buttons on a blouse I took off it. The lily lifted up a t-shirt pulling together her from hands. I enjoyed a kiss of her chubby sponges, the bra departed where that on a floor, Lille villages on a sofa pulled together from me shorts. I sat down kissing a thin neck, shoulders, a breast. Language played with the making horney nipple, bit him teeth, lips soaked up together with the aura surrounding him. Lying on a back of Lille panted, I kissed her breast, a tummy, a uvula on a navel, I fall below and below, I bite a pubis his teeth, Lilino breath became deep heavy. Here and an exciting orchid, language I concern her petals. The lily pulls me for the head up. — Go ko to me, I want you. — Unless there not I? — You, I want not so... Standing on knees before the divorced legs, I carried out by a head on petals pressing, carrying out up down I separated them, nectar greased a head, pressing on a bud, the head disappeared for orchid petals, Lilia sighed, the dick plunged into a hard bud, a deep breath, Lilia shuddered, eyes are closed, a smile, pleasures. — DAAA. Exhaling. Movements are smooth, leaving a bud petals licked a dick. The lily raised legs on tiptoes, opiravshis lokotkami in a sofa drew near having given buttocks, I held her by a waist, Lilia moved on a meeting to the dick plunging into a bud. It was accelerated, pushes became sharp abrupt. — MMM, still-eshchyo — moving on a meeting more actively — AAAAA — the shaven pubis fought with force my o — Yes - Yes — blows became short. Having nestled, the bud was completely absorbed by the dick, Lilia moved up down up — AAAAAAAA — began to tremble. I fell on a back, being convulsively reduced, squeezing hips my waist. I stood without breathing, having shuddered a sharp exhalation, silence, I began to tremble. The deep breath, an exhalation relaxing muscles. The dick left a bud lying a head on petals, pressed him a pubis moved on petals to orchid top, the head concerned some cherry slid on her. — OY-Y. — hips squeezed a waist again. The lily sat on my hips, having moved apart legs, clasped for a neck, stuck hot lips, my language concerned her chubby sponges. The lily involved it in itself, sucking. — Turn ko to me a back! — pressing on shoulders. The lily turned, standing on kolenochkakh. Conducting a nail from a neck between shovels, the back caved in. — The beauty yes you are a cat! — Daa — I bent leaning on palms. I the hips pressured her moving apart them more widely, the palm pressed on a back between shovels, elbows were turned in and rested against a floor. I carried out by the dick on petals again separating them, I entered his petals licked a dick, accepting in a bud. — OH — bending a back in a waist. I caressed, caressed velvet hips, movements were synchronous, moving away nestling her buttocks touched my hips, speed increased, we didn't concern an any more plopped down the friend about the friend. — AY-Y — movements became sharp, frequent — AX-AX-AX-AX — with each penetration. — A-A-A-A — began to tremble, winding the head, shkryabala a marigold on laminate. The stomach, hips was accelerated to mad flop-flop-flop, o buttock. — YES - YES-Daaaaaa. — passing to squeal. The ball sack contracted a wave of pleasure flowed being splashed out by a stream in a hot bud, I stood having given to pleasure, the second wave rushed into a bud filling him. Having squeezed hands her waist I attracted to myself at the same time pressing on buttocks a stomach, I stood without moving enjoying. Naked we sat on a floor having leaned the elbows on a sofa, her bent knees lay on my hips. The head lay on a shoulder, fingers, hardly touching, caressed my breast, a stomach. — Do you want to drink? — It is possible. — We will go. — slowly I rose, I pulled me by a hand. Na a kitchen table there were bottles, banks "Krushovitse", "Bada", "Amstela". — Oho! A told beer you don't drink? — I didn't know kakoe you love!? Tamara told that only you drink light, here and took in assortment! — I guessed? — I guessed! — I won't drink everything equally so much. — With such volume I to you will assemble the engine from a wardrobe, only then a file it will be necessary to earn additionally. — Sit down, open an I to you will pour. Lelya got a wine glass, began to pour. — A of a circle is? — Is, beer is drunk big volumes!!! — looking about surprise at me, I reached for a tea mug. — The beer mug is? — No! I beer seldom drink, yes and that if one jar. So where to pour? — holding a bottle. — Of course in a wine glass, not vodka circles to drink! — Do you circles drink vodka? — Both mugs and glasses, once and from a cucumber cognac drank! Na from what it was only not necessary to fishing. — Do you drink much? — with alarm in a look. — Yes! When there is no biting. — Yes well you. — having filled a glass, I left having left me with beer on edine. I returned in a dressing gown, I sat down nearby. — You what you don't drink? — I that the drunk, I don't drink one, give still a wine glass! Lelya stretched the second wine glass, I filled it. — For what we will drink. — Her thin fingers with cherry manicure on a background of the amber beer which covered walls with bubbles. — For what do you want? — Ne I know, I know only that it is good. Since evening long I couldn't fall asleep, in imagination Lilia, her legs, a flush on cheeks, a smile, chubby sponges, a birthmark emerged. Na surprise by the morning I got enough sleep, bodrenko rose, washed, today it is already necessary to shave, a breakfast. — The daddy you take phone from Lilia. — To me he why! — Ne to you, me, I forgot to take yesterday. On-door speakerphone 208 From the loudspeaker — Hallo. — The carpenter was called? — Yes I wait! The elevator, the eighth floor, door Lilia is open on a threshold. The laid hair, scintillating gray eyes, the hitched-up nose, chubby sponges are stretched in a smile, on dimple cheeks, the chain on a neck with a pendant, a slit of a dressing gown (today more opening a breast), a tummy, hips, sharp kolenochki, one leg is bent in kolenochke shakes from the party in the party. — Hi. You will come! Or you will undress me here? — in a whisper. For Lilinoy a back Ekaterina appeared. — Kind morning. — Official tone, I came into the apartment. With Lilinogo of the person the smile disappeared, edges of sponges fell, the sparkle was gone in eyes. Ekaterina passed by on kitchen. — Hi. — I opened a refrigerator door, having blocked it the review of a corridor to us kitchens. I embraced Lilia a hand for a waist I attracted to myself I stuck in pukhrye sponges, language dived into her mouth, the sparkle returned to eyes, easily clapping a palm me on a shoulder Lilia was discharged having bent a back. — You that Katyushka will see! — I whispered some lips. — The room with the front of works is ready? — looking in gray eyes. — Katya you in the room was tidied up? — Loudly I addressed the daughter. — Now, now. — running out from kitchen Ekaterina ran to the bedroom. — Pass I kofeem I will give to drink you. — Can more better not kofem! — the palm slid on a tummy to a pubis. The lily grabbed my hand. — You what you do? — in a whisper — I so didn't sleep today! — What were you engaged in? — So I also told all to you, pass sit down at a table. The lily stood at car coffee a back ko to me. I embraced her for a waist attracted to myself having nestled a groin on buttocks, her head laid down on a shoulder. I carried out by language on edge of an ear to a lobe I took it lips, language playing with a lobe of an ear and an earring, I bit a lobe, teeth I pressed a tack to which the nice fellow of an earring clings, the nice fellow jumped aside, having hooked from the return party language an earring extended her from a lobe. In a corridor the door struck o a wall. — Let Katyukha goes. I sat down on a chair. Ekaterina put on a down-padded coat, boots. The lily left to spend the daughter. — Communicate to the grandmother don't depart a bullet from her. — Well mothers. — With unwillingness be in good voice. — Mothers of a where your earring! The lily took a lobe fingers — I don't know, can when slept dropped out. — I here saw her when I had breakfast with you. — Then I don't know, now I will look. — All right, I went. — Call — having closed a door Lilia came into kitchen examining a floor, a table. — Didn't you see my earring? — No, I didn't see! — Help to find. — Why to look for I know where she. — Where? — Looking me in eyes. — Here. — I opened a mouth I put out tongue in which the earring lay. — Give — I tried to take fingers. Language together with an earring disappeared behind lips. The lily embraced for a neck, having inclined the head kissed my lips. — Neka. — smiling, I shook the head. I shifted an earring from language between a gum and a cheek. The lily nestled sponges again started the uvula in my mouth began to look for actively him an earring, having investigated and not having found an earring deviated bending a back having hung on my hands embracing her for a waist. — Where? — Someone where? — Earring where? — What earring? — Do you have in a mouth an earring? — I have no earring there! — I opened a mouth, showing her absence. — Lift language, put out — I executed everything Lilina of the requirement, the earring wasn't. — you swallowed!!! — Yes someone? — I saw in language, you swallowed. — having inflated sponges, I began to whimper as the little girl, pulling shoulders. Having pulled out an earring in language I took it and I inserted into an ear lobe. — Where did you find her? — I didn't find her, I removed her. — As removed! — When language I played with your ear. — Yes such language not only the earring can be taken off! — What it, usual, language as language. — Well, sharp long. — I stretched sponges to mine, I grasped lips my language, I involved it to myself in a mouth, the sucking movements pressing a uvula to the sky. — From such uvula of the woman as on a frying pan spin, probably!? — Don't you remember yesterday? — I remember the beginning. I thought you me eat, a didn't believe then that it is a uvula, thought so gentle finger. — Means fingers at me not gentle? — Gentle, but the uvula is MMM! Will you have coffee? — If only with nectar! — There is no nectar today! — Absolutely any? — NUU. I will think. — You think so far. I picked up her under buttocks I seated on stoleshnyu a font, I untied a belt on a dressing gown, Lilia, sliding palms on my body, I lifted a t-shirt. I moved apart dressing gown floors, I pulled an elastic band of thongs. The lily rose leaning hands on stoleshnyu. Lilina fingers hasty undid a button, a lightning, jeans down with. My fingers were caressed about orchid petals, nectar humidifies them. Lily, having grabbed a dick, I pulled for it me to myself — go ko to me, I can't any more. — Moving apart flower petals the head plunged into the damp, warm, expiring nectar bud. — MMM. — Having thrown back the head back. Her eyes opened directing a look up. I pulled her for a waist on myself. The lily clasped with the slender legs me for a waist, having crossed them behind my back, leaning on palms rose, I supported her under buttocks. Smoothly moving in a bud towards to her movements, pressing legs on my buttocks, Lilia accelerated speed, movements became sharper, I began to drive the dick. Having inclined the head forward, Lilia observed how the dick disappears in her, leaves showing the veins filled with blood twisting it. — Akh-Akh-Aх. — In a step of a disappearing dick, having clamped me in embraces of the legs, Lilia nestled, moving up down on the dick which completely disappeared in her — Da-da-DAAAA. — I began to tremble. Hands shivered, elbows were turned in, I picked up her pressed to myself, having clasped with hands my neck, stuck on a mouth greedy we will kiss panting, sucked sharp language. Having buried in a neck I relaxed, panting. Her legs fell on hips, got up on socks, the dick dropped out of a bud. Having kissed my lips I turned a back I bent, I put handles on a table, I moved apart legs, I twisted buttocks. I carried out by a palm on petals, wet from nectar, I entered a head, the sharp movement the dick to the basis drove. — OOY — bending a back, fingers clenched in which Lilia rested the head against cams. Slowly the dick took out leaving only a head, again sharply entered to the basis. Accelerating speed the dick drove in a bud, to me Lilia moved to a step towards, accompanying each penetration. — Oy-Oy-Akh-Akh-Akh is, even-eshchyo, faster, still. It made horney me forcing to drive a dick with a force even more. The lily rose by socks, having parted with the Piglet in the different parties, began to tremble. — A-A-A — escaped from a breast. I stopped, I continued to drum the dick, the first wave swept on the dick, filling a bud with a cum, behind her the second, and the last the third. I delayed her effort for a waist to myself. — AAAAAAA. — passing to squeal. I wound the head, kolenochki were turned in became straight at what-to moment without having sustained tension kolenochki were turned in stronger, the dick jumped out of a bud. — OOY. — slipping on a door of a kitchen set. I drew in kolenochki to a breast. I fell by knees nearby. The lily sat not movably, pressed it to itself, caressed on the curling hair, a neck, shoulders. — You all? — What, All? — Did you terminate? — Yes and it was divine the girl! — No, I had it that that extraterrestrial, I don't want to come back. — I will help you to continue flight. — No, I want to you — raised eyelids, looked gray drunk eyes at me. — Help me to get up. Having taken as I lifted the little child under mice, I sat down on a chair I seated to myself on knees, hands twisted my neck, a cheek lying on my shoulder — You what you do? — by quietly soft voice I whispered. — It isn't pleasant to you!? — It was a little sick, but it is very pleasant, I couldn't stop, it seems to me, I am ready to die when you inside. — Here it isn't necessary to do it. — Ne I will be. I enjoyed this woman, her beauty, tenderness, embracing caressing her back, hips a breast, kissing shoulders, a neck, inhaling aroma of a body. — Oh Oh — I rose, I ran to the bathroom. The lily stood under shower streams, palms pounding gel on velvet skin, water streams carried away a skin. From her it was impossible to tear off an eye. The lily beckoned a finger to itself. Now streams of water flowed on our bodies, carrying away with themselves small white vials of foam. I returned on kitchen I put on pants, a t-shirt, I took jeans I went to Katina the bedroom where yesterday I left a bag with the tool and shorts in a side pocket, I opened a pocket shortov isn't present, I opened a bag and here it is empty, "I remember yesterday put them in a pocket". Na a threshold of the bedroom Lilia appeared holding my shorts in a hand. — And where they spent the night? — Where it is necessary there and spent the night, don't set questions! We will go to have coffee. — Here times don't set those, my shorts, a where they spend the night, I don't know. — Romochka don't drive me in paint, I and so at you as the schoolgirl constantly redden. — The schoolgirl you speak, you need a brown short dress, with a white fartuchkom to buy. — At me mine with final still remained, only I probably won't get into him now. — No that you will get into an apron? — In one apron!!! — A that, it isn't necessary to potter with a dress. — Can me you naked at once meet? — I don't mind! — Yours the appetite grows not on days of an on hours!!! I collected furniture, Lilia all time was a row, trying than be to help, infectiously I laughed in any occasion. By two o'clock day I finished assembly. — I didn't give to drink to you today therefore we will go I will give to drink and feed — went to kitchen. — You where — To prepare. — What to prepare, everything is already ready! — Where. — with genuine surprise. — In the bedroom. — Ne-ne-ne. — I nestled on my breast. — Romochka I now won't sustain any more, everything hurts me. I want, but I am afraid tomorrow not what to go, I won't be able to get up. — You want A. — With captation looking in my eyes. — I want! — Yes from where in you there are so much forces, me yesterday, today in the morning istrakhal, oh, I fell in love, in the house I made everything and it is still ready!!! — To there is it badly. Well I will remember! — A Roman as you on the father? — Trying by a serious voice. — Regret the girl! — By already plaintive voice. — The girl as wishes that felt sorry for her or punished? — It is oh direct I don't know what to choose, it will be necessary to try everything, I will decide a there that will be pleasant to me more. I laid a table richly, meat, salads, cuttings, fish, vegetables. — For someone-to do you wait the kid? — No, a why the kid and from what you decided that I for someone-to wait? — The kid therefore that you are capricious, you inflate sponges as the little girl therefore the kid. Vo the second the table is laid obviously on three four persons. — No! — having inflated sponges — I will feed you. — Do you want that I became fat and lazy? — Aha with your activity to become you thick doesn't shine at all, wine or beer? — To me beer, I am not a big fan of wine. — I too want today some beer. I filled wine glasses, lifted them. — Today I know for what I want to drink. I want to drink for repair thanks to which I got acquainted with you and I lived two wonderful days. Having drunk cold. — What is Lille farther? — I don't know, but I will accept everything that will occur or won't occur further. — I became silent, having lowered the head. — Give o good Romochka day didn't end yet!? — — — ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I thank the reader. date nyc marathon dating games websites site mapMain