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Yesterday we to the wife had a sexual revolution! The acting persons: Dima — 32 years, the tall and plump man, nesmotrya on completeness doesn't forget to visit the gym from whose name the story. Masha is Dima's wife of 30 years, the tall slender woman, with a fine figure nesmotrya on the birth of two children, thanks fitness to the center and the competent trainer. Breast 3 sizes. Vladimir — 45 years, the average growth and an average constitution, with a small beer stomach. Light — the wife of Vladimir 40 years, average growth the brunette, a breast of the first size (for the moment of the described events with ee participation of 37 years). Everything that here is written, occurred on the business and so me, but I changed names. Swing. As long I went to this, bringing together me from mind, a subject. For the first time everything began probably with youth. In far 2002 I met the girl Lena. Then she went to come to the university, an admitted then to me that it in the hostel wasn't faithful to me. Then I strongly grew hysterical, tore and threw, but... I wasn't going to live with her, a with someone-to wanted to have sex, so that I reconciled and still kakoye-to time we met. Then in my life there was a meeting with the magazine of "Maxims" where the journalist's campaign in a swing club was described. It hooked on me. Strongly. Further sex stories on a swing subject which I with pleasure read to this time went. I married the beautiful girl, the most strict traditions, I was at her the first man. She subdued and struck me the with purity and purity. No o idea a swing wasn't dismissed me. Having somehow a rest with friends at the dacha we quite strongly got drunk and I with the friend Vova started o conversation desire of a swing. Hurrah I found the adherent! And not just in our small city but still and among a small circle of the friends. This evening we had the first easy swing, we could undress our wives, managed to begin oral caress of our wives and to touch strangers a little, but on it everything ended. This small adventure still long turned then to me the head, but we as early as didn't even talk many years on this subject. In about 3 — 4 Vova bragged that they entered full a swing - a relationship with couple from the neighboring city, but this couple moved to live in other part of the country and there was an offer to become partners. My wife couldn't even allow a possibility of a swing in thoughts. Once we were invited for day - Sveta's births to the neighboring city. We removed the big apartment, went to great restaurant, all were cheerful and drunk. Having returned to the apartment at what-to moment decided to play a small bottle on undressing. Most longer the clothes kept on my wife — Masha but in a result and she was bared completely. Vova took away Masha to the neighboring room and began to stick to her, but further kisses at them business didn't go. I specially left Masha with him hoping that he will manage to ee to tempt. His wife is Sveta me not especially the ringleader, all my sexual imaginations were and remain are connected only with my wife. So as Masha gave repulse to Vova I went to her and we passionately were engaged in sex, Masha was so mokrenkoy as never before. While we were engaged in sex by our bed, to smoke Vova went to a balcony. Masha was on me in a pose of the equestrian and I called Vova to us, he approached and began to caress Masha up to a breast, it wildly brought me. Then Sveta joined us, I can't tell what occurred and someone with what was busy, I was in Masha and felt that someone-to caresses our sexual bodies. I remember that we were farther in a corridor and our girls did us blowjob, but not the. I remember what bomb emotions blew up in my head when I saw how mine Mashenka sucks Vovin a dick. After our girls we were abandoned and closed in the room with a double bed that they did there it is possible to dream safely, but I won't describe, so as itself I wasn't present. In about five minutes we came to them and tried to join, there was a wish for a full-fledged swing, our girls lay a number of their leg were moved apart, I couldn't tear off a look from Mashina of the pussy, literally through couple of minutes foreign dick had to enter her for the first time. No! Vova suddenly decided to talk o moral questions, o understanding and consequences of the events. Here it is a fiasco! Sharply Mashino the mood was spoiled and all sex on it stopped. After me still long it was necessary to calm Masha and to be reconciled with her, to promise that the swing - a format at us won't be any more. There passed 2 years. I often remembered all this time and presented myself everything that happened, dreamed on a subject of our sex. For this time we managed to move to other city. Somehow in December we with Masha sent to time of sex to ee a naked photo Vova, we were so strongly horney and I asked ee to press the button on phone for sending the photo. Yes it is strong me bombanulo, hekh. Also began... Correspondence, talk. In a result Masha agreed to a meeting in a format мжм with Vova and in a secret from Sveta. Long we waited for this day. No here it is ringing from Vova that he will arrive soon, expectation, nerves. Vova removed by the day the apartment and we went to small cozy cafe. Masha was smart, a black dress with a short skirt and a deep decollete, black stockings on slender legs, a magnificent necklace on a neck. And the main thing, she dressed a wedding ring, we so seldom began to dress them, an in this time she didn't forget him! Drank a few whisky with Coca and went to a debauchery nest — the rental apartment. To the apartment Na sat down at a table and again poured whisky with Coca, but alcohol didn't excite us at all, tension in the room read off scale, jokes sounded unnaturally. But I suggested to drink on the first glass on brudershaft. We kissed both Masha. Further so far business didn't move a little. Vova went to a shower from where I began to call me what I would bring him a towel, I of course sent Mashenku. And again we returned to an old kind game to a small bottle, on this time as we ee didn't twist, she showed all time for me, so that very quickly on me nothing remained, but my dick is proud and sure looked in a ceiling! Then by a small dokruchivaniya of a bottle we undressed our beauty, it was divine, ee a magnificent breast, slender legs in black stockings and a lovely intimate hairstyle, Vova so far still remained in jeans. For already undressed decided to think of desires. Masha kissed us, we kissed ee and together both in turn and on lips and on sponges, she did by a to me blowjob, Vova probably began to regret that he hadn't to undress yet, but soon and this was solved. And here it is this moment, Masha takes Vovin a dick in a mouth, I am close and all is perfectly visible to me, I begin to do to her to kuna, then we with Vova change in places. I am horney and happy, but Vova begins to give out again, does to kuna not gently a presses that not very much is pleasant to Masha, it is necessary to correct for him. And here we move to a bed, we begin with a pose — the equestrian, Masha sits down on me, a Vova caresses ee, gives her in a mouth, caresses a breast. Then Vova tried to make double penetration into a vagina, but it is similar at him it doesn't turn out though later he claimed what double turned out. We realize my long imagination further, we with Masha lay down in 69, a Vova enters her. And here directly before my eyes foreign dick enters my native girl, mine Mashenku. I descend from mind. Further poses and ways of caress change, Vova has problems with an erection, so that he didn't manage to terminate a, I terminated violently and strongly, but the dick also didn't think to fall. Though on an essence on it our sex this day was ended, we sat a few, put on and without looking arrangements at Voviny to remain for the night, went home. On results of a meeting accepted the decision that other partners in a bed aren't necessary to us and more such meetings aren't necessary to us. So It should be noted that without looking that all account part laid down on Vova, but it wasn't pleasant to us that he wasn't rather attentive to Masha, there were very much few complements, even the floret wasn't presented. dates (tv series) episodes where to watch date get time string site mapMain