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Hi, I am called Lena, I am 28 years old and I am married. I want to tell you what bright there was my sexual life. Everything began several years ago when my husband Mischa told me o a subject kukold well and showed couple of porn of movies. Ne I will tell that I was impressed then by this subject as it was a little more extreme than those sexual imaginations which we embodied with the husband in life. However having used isn't present a little, I studied the principles of this model of sex, and understood that not the sexual act and its termination, the moment of mental masochism which he tests from humiliation and restriction of his sexual requirements is important for the man. Of course to pass to a full-fledged relationship of model kukold for me it was STILL extreme therefore I accepted those principles which entered a basis of female behavior in such relationship. In advance I want to tell that I very much love the husband and this decision was as mutual, and was regarded by us as a role game. If someone from us was not in mood, we never went to far in a role. We will begin with the fact that I changed the clothes a little — my clothes became more frank and attractive that of course began to attract attention of other men. I saw how it is pleasant to my husband, yes and it was pleasant to me. As the clothes brought the amendments I changed also the behavior a little. I began to flirt more with other men and forced to be jealous the husband, but without passing a side of assessment of the free girl (though sometimes I look well as really the whore, but expensive :-))) To an example, on me very sexual jacket, absolutely on a side could be put on, and I even a pier to shoot eyes at what party нибудь handsome, but it not to mean at all that when he ko suited me gets acquainted, I will answer him with reciprocity — in any case to him though than нибудь it was necessary to subdue me. In it there is also an essence of all men — they appreciate when win! In the general of the girl be a few whores and bitches. Well I distracted. All these changes began to affect ours with the husband a sexual relationship. From my party a game consisted in behavior and reaction to certain situations — To an example, sometimes I went on a meeting with the girlfriend, having asked for leave of course at the husband in what нибудь a short or translucent dress with stockings. Thus preparation for a meeting took place at the husband: I went to a shower, shaved the pussy herself or asked to shave it, having left I asked to choose one between two most revealing dresses, a from the lower linen I in the best case dressed panties with stockings, a sometimes only stockings. I smothered the pussy spirits on eyes at the husband. From a disco I could send to the husband of a selfie in which embraces me or handsome kisses on what cheek нибудь. In other time, I walked in a translucent T-shirt and transparent shorts when to the husband his friends came. When I visited sport the hall, sent to the husband of a selfie from a locker room where I or in very short shorts or in a topic in which my nipples are visible. When we went where нибудь to walk together I tried not to upset the husband and put on as the bitch. Everything brought my darling into ecstasy, yes and I too often experienced some excitement. Of course such moments couldn't become daily, otherwise they lost all value. Besides a game on side of the social sphere, I began to apply tactics kukolda and in our bed. Having sometimes returned from club I could in behind intrigued to a form, without special details to tell o the adventure, sometimes inventing, there is no sometimes :-). Then we had very delightful sex. Control of the husband and refusal to him in sex was one of the most pleasant moments of a game. Thus I in every possible way teased him, and allowed him to do to me kuna. O it to kuna!!! — probably the more the man restrains the stronger his sexual energy beats through language. No what my darling really would bdit chastity to him was forbidden to satisfy itself with the handle. As the rule the discharge occurred in the end of week, and the whole days of abstention hormones brought together my husband from mind. There is one important nuance! If you don't support in every possible way his excitement — words and concrete actions, then even the strongest excitement will descend on there is-eto no men's physiology (it goes to hibernation). On that how to tease the husband in Nete there is a lot of different infa — a subject sex vayf and kukold. So we with the husband were played time in two three months sometimes more often as at the intuitive level beginning a game. During these periods 2 — 3 weeks my husband agreed to everything: to kuna I was nearly an every day, his discharge was not always when he expected it, a when I wanted it. Sometimes we applied mutually a strap-on or just a toy, but that should be noticed how anal caress was pleasant to my darling. There passed several months after the beginning of ours with it games and my darling admitted to me that it is very difficult for it to restrain, and he violating our arrangement satisfies himself. In the principle I in it saw nothing terrible, but it as would be not by rules of our game. We together accepted decision o the fact that it is time for us to try a fidelity belt. Having used isn't present and having understood as select the size, I learned from what husband to him it is pleasant more and ordered. When to us the parcel came, we together began to try on this device on the husband. I will tell you that it for the first time a hard task. At last having put it on my darling, I forced him popozirovat to me in front of the cam and made several photo. When I told that I in a case of what will show it to his friends, he even began to whimper. This evening my darling satisfied me repeatedly. After the first week of wearing a belt my darling was as the scalded turkey-cock. His skin was all an erogenous zone, a balls inflated from quantity of a cum. No it was interesting to me how long he will be able to sustain this torture. In three days he began to beg me to allow him to terminate. Having mocked at the husband and pounizhav him a few I released his friend, but with one condition that he won't terminate so far I won't resolve. I forced him to masturbate very slowly, but as I was made horney to me too there was a wish to take his friend in a mouth. One more surprise for my darling, was the fact that having implanted the finger into his buttocks, I began to mass strenuously to him a prostate (before for these purposes we used a strap-on, an it isn't so pleasant). If me the girl — mine reads you council, learn to do to the man massage of a prostate and there will be to you happiness. In the general my darling cumed minutes two, a then even minutes ten lay in poluobmorochnom a state. The epilog — I don't know whether will be in our family couple when нибудь a full-fledged relationship kukold or sex vayf, but the fact that this role game brought in them a certain highlight is the fact. My husband loves me, an I love him. And I precisely know that so far I will keep him in a tone, he from me won't get to anywhere dates oraux enm 2021 pricing gun price philippines site mapMain