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There now, again we reached a bed. When this debauchery only comes to an end, I don't know. Though you will witness, to my attempts will get rid of her you won't find the end. From an entrance door to the bedroom the interrupted trace from a coat, socks, Chulkov and underwear lasts. Annoying! Again, leaving at night, I won't find some sock or as last time, pants. Pants have to be a bright coloring or shine at least at night that in the dark it was easier to find for them. "Wait, don't hurry so. Let's me turn the page of a grant! Aha, this leg should be held here so, and the second here so. Stop! I, apparently, got confused. Give everything at first. Here it is written, to twist a hip outside... Why so to shout?! I didn't begin the most important yet". No, after all weak I am a person. And three of my main weaknesses: to food, a dream and women. It knows it and shamelessly uses. Ah, as she prepares! Food is her weapons of mass destruction. Any resistance is useless. She without miss beats the most sick and vulnerable at the man — a stomach. And it is necessary to notice, all in life, except food, causes in me indifference and melancholy. Food — the only thing that gives me self-confidence, pushes on spiritual manifestations, and fills this world though with some contents. And every time as I am taken determination to report that I leave her, she suggests to be supported before. After the small feast I turn into one big and kind face with the swum-away eyes. Quietly, not to frighten off the absorbed food the careless movement, breathing every other time and dragging cheeks on a floor, I crawl away from a table. Sil is enough only to crawl to a bed where she already in impatience waits my well-fed body. She slowly undresses me and starts the meal. And if not my vigilance, it would gobble up me entirely long ago. Often, waking up at night, I heard her appetizing champing, and saw that legs already obgryzena up to a knee. Well I such healthy, and by the morning at me new grew. "... So, and now get up on all fours and put out the tongue at me. Here it is written that the basin has to be above shoulders. I told, above! Even higher!... And - and-and! More carefully! I so will choke". And how she cries?! Oh, she is able to cry correctly. Feeling that I am going to report about our gap, she starts on a sofa roaring, and her skirt is lifted up exactly so how many it is necessary for my damned imagination that right there on her sofa and to want. I believed in youth that sex — the most important in life. Now I became more senior and was convinced that so it also is. Life in terms of sex can be divided into several stages. The childhood which is replaced by youth youth leaves then, sex comes, children come then, then sex comes again, grandsons come then, then sex which has to be completed with the same childhood smoothly comes again. To her enthusiasm in a bed not to be compared to anything. Our sex with it is more similar to uncompromising struggle. We fight against sex every day. And in such position we fight against it, and in another we fight. And it is, it seems, ready to die in this unequal fight, but will never be given. I began to be tired of wildness and refinement in a bed. All the bowl wants simple and clear sex. To come in the evening from work, to have supper, esteem or watch TV, to go in the dark to bed, to grope nearby a warm and live body, and it is silent, without making excess movements, to finish day of work. "... As nevertheless it is difficult to choose one of three thousand five hundred eighty seven positions existing in sex. Constantly it is necessary to puzzle. Just not sex, and some Academy of Sciences..." I tried to get rid of her in the different ways. But she was more cunning, than I thought. She can't become loathsome nothing. I got drunk in rags — she, indifferently, charged with me the brittle shoulders and dragged to the house. In the end having weakened from a very heavy burden, she left me on the street, and, damning the last words, pretended that she leaves. But I also didn't think to be upset. As soon as to me some kind woman began to get accustomed, being interested whether I should help where to reach, she appeared here. And for a long time on the neighboring yards her curses to the become impudent women were carried. "Disgrace! The man for five minutes unguarded can't be left!" "... And now get up head over heels and release hands. Be not afraid, I am insolent!..." There now, again I dropped her on the head. She, by the way, showed no sign that is sick. I weakened something lately, it will be necessary to be trained during week-end with a bar. Then I replaced tactics and decided to make everything to be her husband overtaken unawares. I spat on our conventional sign — "female panties in a window" and rushed to it into the apartment, knowing that it precisely there. Without allowing to come round, I was enough her for hands, dragged in a bed and wildly shouted, cuming. The husband persistently didn't appear. Then I began to run in one undershirt and socks on the apartment, looking under all beds and plowing up cases, representing gone mad from desire to force everything that else moves, a gorilla. However, what I did, he didn't manage to overtake us together. Where she hides him, I couldn't define. "... So, I take this breast in the left hand, and the second... Stop! Potboilers, they forgot to write, where to put the second!..." And I have nothing even to cling. She never argues with me, never stands on the hind legs. I can lead up for hours her hints on my adventures with other women, her silence only becomes more persistent. But I see how she to a faint is jealous me of everything that isn't it. She is jealous me of women, men, animals, things and memoirs. Out of jealousy she poisoned consistently three of my cats. In revenge I had to lower her favourite canary in a toilet. "... And now walk on me, and then stay my blanket..." As to me after all warmly under her! The cheat, she so accustomed me to herself that I forgot to develop for a long time heat when she is absent nearby. And if she ceases to heat me now, then I, probably, will just stiffen and I will die. And I always ask myself: well, tell, the too choosy swine, still it is necessary to you?! What else lyad, stubborn cattle, isn't enough for you?! Look with a circle! Such women are scarcer than hen's teeth. You will die, you won't find more better. Nevertheless, I collected the rest of forces and decided to use my last chance, namely, to apply a way of a lizard. At first I rejected one ear, then at me one eye dropped out. But she, indifferently, continued to love me, claiming that so it is even more best — she will have less competitors. But I couldn't stop any more, I was already fond of disintegration process. The foot was long dragged, but, eventually, also it disappeared. Losses pursued me one behind one. All body became covered by the suppurating ulcers and then I understood that the end already not far off. It was necessary to live a little, and I decided to devote the rest of minutes to creation of immortal creation to tell about her. She — all! Life without it is senseless. Life with it all is also senseless, but it is much more pleasant. It deprives of forces which becomes infinite much. It is the Black Hole. To oppose to her attraction any more not in forces nothing, except, perhaps, me. But also remained to me not for long. This will fall off soon, and at once then the head will be rolled away. Also there will be nobody to wake up with relief to sigh and to begin to yell joyfully what only ridiculous horror won't dream this foolish head! I shudder and I wake up. Having rummaged around in the dark a hand, I with sad pleasure find her nearby. Perhaps to strangle her a pillow? No, I will always manage to make it. And with this happy thought, I fall asleep again. dating apps chicago spirit halloween 2022 opening date site mapMain