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It happened last year. Remembering it now, it is difficult for me to believe in reality of the events which so abruptly changed all my life. At the end of September our company held rather difficult series of negotiations with potential partners from St. Petersburg. We developed the letter of intent and decided to coordinate a number of the moments before signing of the contract at the St. Petersburg office of our future colleagues. At first I wanted to send my assistant there, but then decided to go. I always preferred planes to trains, but, занесколько days prior to a business trip, saw advertizing of new luxury structure of Grand-Express in one of glossy magazines. "The train goes only one night", - I thought and asked the secretary to redeem for me a compartment in the first class. At the Leningrad station I appeared long before withdrawal of the train. From baggage at me I was only портплед and a small bag therefore I released the driver and I decided to walk on station shops and little shops. On one of book bazaars my attention was drawn old, shabby and on assurances of the half-drunk seller by the "antikovy" book. On the faded cover I hardly read the name which revived in my memory the old movie with Sandra Bullock: "Practical Magic". Having bargained for the sake of appearances, I bought it together with several magazines and newspapers that was what to entertain itself on the way. I don't know that the designer or the artist employed by Ministry of Railways wanted to express, but my compartment was a striking example of a celebration of an esthetics of red skin and a velvet. For the rest, I found him rather comfortable, - one wall had a small sofa and a minibar, at another a bed and the folding shelf above it, the coffee-table, a padded stool and a chair were squeezed in the middle. In a corner the rack with the audio system and the plasma panel was located. Besides all this railway luxury of a compartment possessed the private bathroom with a shower cabin. While I settled down, the train started. By internal phone I called the waiter and ordered a dinner. To pass away time I decided to look through the book. It was really old, - about it it was possible to judge by paper and a font, but I couldn't find year of the edition, any mention of the publisher. The book was quite thick, with a set of fairy tales, ancient ceremonies, spells and descriptions of mythical beings. Pictures were almost not, likely, therefore, the head with the image of gnomes also drew my attention. On the page which turned yellow from time the spell by means of which it was possible to reduce people or animals in a size was given. Below feats of ancient heroes which by means of this magic got unnoticed into enemy fortresses and several stories about gnomes were described. I grinned about myself, having thought that at thirty-year age with a growth in 190 cm at least it is silly to read fairy tales about little men, and still, itself I don't know why, just for the sake of a joke I read a spell aloud. I felt weakness at once, the easy shiver ran on my body, but in a moment everything passed. I didn't manage to recover plainly as the knock at a door sounded. It was the waiter with my order. When he entered with a tray, it seemed to me that it became a little higher than growth. The young man placed dishes on a table, received the tip and left. I went to the bathroom, to wash hands and, having looked in a mirror, nearly screamed. I became less! The wild fear when I understood that the spell from the book worked seized me. The sink was to me on a belt now and the shower cabin looked slightly more impressively. I rushed to a compartment, grabbed the book and, trying to suppress nervousness, attentively read the page with the description of action of a spell. When I finished, I closed the book and fell by a bed. It was impossible to believe in it, but, it seems, I should decrease within the next several hours then if to trust the book, my former shape had to return to me. At first I began to panic, but then, tried to get it together, having considered that action of a spell has to take place before the train arrives in St. Petersburg. Absolutely inexplicably my clothes decreased together with me. Naturally, I decided to carry out all road, without leaving a compartment. I have quickly a bite, collected plates on a tray and carefully took out it for a door and put on a floor. I very much didn't want that the waiter himself returned behind him and I saw thinking in such state. I turned on the TV, got contract documentation and tried to distract. After a while I felt that again I lose in growth and in weight. Having approached a mirror in the hall, I found out that now I was not higher than one and a half meters. Suddenly at a door knocked and I heard a female voice "Sorry, you couldn't open?" I hesitated, but then decided that it be the maid also has to is more best to deal with her now, than to refuse to let in her as it could look suspicious. I looked at myself in a mirror and opened a door. It was the young girl by sight years of twenty with small, she had light, a little curly hair, expressive green eyes and a nice face. Someone, probably, would call her full, but she treated that type of women, to a lump the completeness only went. She was of average height about 168 cm, but in my present state seemed me the real amazon. The stranger was dressed in blue jeans bridges, short boots on a heel and a black sweater from Armani. The leather bag hung on a shoulder at her. Though if to be absolutely exact, the first what I paid attention to, was that my eyes are at the level of her breast. When she looked down on me, her eyes extended from surprise, and she smiled. At my height she at first quite could take me for the child. "Sorry, it is awfully inconvenient to me to disturb you, but you understand at me such problem, - + I + we with girlfriends go to St. Petersburg, and when booking in cash desk confused something with tickets and I appeared without place, + little girls and so three together in a single compartment, there are no empty seats, and the conductor told that you go one, - there can be you you agree with us to exchange ++ don't worry, we will return a difference to you +", - she quickly uttered indistinctly. "I understand everything and believe, I am very sorry, but it isn't absolutely convenient for me", - when I spoke, I was forced to look at her from below up. "Oh, well to do to me? Maybe you, after all, agree?" I was already ready to answer her with firmer refusal as suddenly the familiar shiver ran on my body, and I felt that again I decrease. I became several centimeters lower. When I raised the head and looked with it in a face I understood that she noticed it. "Oh! That there are with you + you +. as it + you became less! Wait but as you +.? She looked on the parties as if she wanted to be convinced that we some in pass of the car. "Maybe we will enter inside more better?" she told and, without waiting for the answer, went to me and literally pushed into a compartment. She closed a door, put a bag on a floor and with a smile looked down on me: "I think, now you should let in me!" - she got up, having rested hands against sides. I tried to protest, saying that one would like to remain in the compartment and that she has to leave immediately, but I was too humiliated with the fact that the girl was stronger than me, and that sounded not really convincingly. "Come on! Let's get acquainted more better. I am Katya. Choose or I remain or now I will assemble all car here to look at how +. as you decrease". I had no exit also I, unwillingly agreed: "All right, you can remain only one and any girlfriends!" We sat at a table and had tea. My guest settled down on a sofa, and I sat down on a bed opposite. I told Katya about the book and about a spell. "And how small you will become?", - she asked and strange I looked at me. "I don't know if to trust the book, then I will become less within several hours". Katya called girlfriends and told that she found to herself the place in the next car that they didn't worry. "You know Len I was so tired here too all sleep +. yes + give" Katya took off boots and moved them to a wall. Under bridges she had dark stockings which densely clasped full calves. Having caught my eye, she smiled: "At what, you want to look closer?" - Katya raised a leg and having drawn near edge of a sofa put it on me. I became puzzled of surprise. Her leg notable weight lay at me on a lap. This young girl behaved so relaxedly because I was growth no more child and she felt like the full mistress of the situation. I noticed that her leg became a little heavier and more. Katya burst out laughing "Look, you decrease again", - she took away the leg and got up. "I will go to a shower and I will change clothes" - she told, got some package from a bag and went to the bathroom. I turned on the TV and gave myself still some tea. When Katya returned I saw that she changed clothes in a black silk dressing gown which hardly covered her knees. Her fair hair was damp after a shower. She bent down and took a bag from a floor to put her on a regiment in a niche. I instinctively rose to help, but she already coped. Standing near her, I realized as far as I became less. I raised the head and saw that she grins, looking at me from top to down. Now she seemed to me the real giantess. It was barefoot, but my head was at the level of her wide hips. She stepped closer. "You are such small! Now I can make with you everything that I will want", - she told playfully and opened a dressing gown. The black brassiere supported a huge breast, and the same color thongs densely sat on huge hips. Katya took me unawares. I stood, not in forces to utter also a word, looked at her powerful legs and a magnificent breast, too being confused to raise the head above and to look with it in eyes. Suddenly Katya put the hand to me on a nape and sharply attracted me to herself, having clamped my head between the powerful hips. I tried to escape, but she only laughed, having easily intercepted my hands and having pressed them to the sides. My person was strong pressed to her panties, and I felt a light smell of her body. "You at me will lick today!" - she whispered from above. She kept me so long enough, enjoying my full helplessness. Then Katya moved apart hips a little and I fell to a floor to her legs. She took off from herself a dressing gown and threw it on a bed. "Undress!" - she ordered. I was broken, humiliated and crushed. Dreamily I removed myself everything and remained before my new madam only in pants. I was completely in the power of this young giantess and she knew it. Katya approached me closely. It was visible that she is strongly brought by this situation and feeling of the new force. She towered over me with a smile looking from top to down, in her pose and in expression of her face there was so much power and domination that I felt strong excitement. Katya moved the right leg forward so that my cheek touched the internal surface of her hip. "Kiss my legs!" - she ordered. Having looked at her from below up, I obeyed. Her skin was warm and gentle as silk. Slowly, looking at me from top to down, Katya took off from herself a brassiere and panties, seized me by hair and pressed me to herself, having again clamped my head between legs. On a face I felt a brush of her shaven hair. "Lick give!" - I began to lick her, feeling force and hunger of her hot body, feeling her juice on the face. Over me her huge breasts with full strong nipples towered. Katya looked down on me, such pathetic and helpless, clamped between her legs. She terminated with loud groan, having pressed my head to herself even stronger. Katya released me and, having patted on hair, went to the bathroom. Having felt strong fatigue, I lay down on a bed and covered eyes. At first it seemed to me that I fail in a dream, but it turned out that I decrease again. I sat down on beds, my legs didn't reach a floor. I got up to approach a mirror. The wall had Katin boots, I thought that if so goes further, I will be able easily to get into one of them. "Well and that now with you to do to me?" - I turned back and was stupefied. Katya was huge. Growth I hardly reached now her knees. She stood, grinning on me from top to down. Then Katya slowly raised a leg and slightly pushed me in a breast. I fell to a carpet, and she delivered the huge foot to me on a breast. It became very difficult for me to breathe. Katya didn't put any pressure, but there was enough one weight of her leg to pripechatat me to a floor. "I it is easy crush you I can" - she said. "Can call little girls that they with you were tickled too?" I began to beg her not to do it. Katya burst out laughing and moved the leg to me on the person. "Kiss my legs the slave!", - she sat down on a bed, having extended legs, and I повинуясь to her orders began to kiss and lick each centimeter her foot. In a few minutes my body began to tremble, the head began to spin, and I fainted. Having regained consciousness, I felt that I lie on something warm and surprisingly soft. When I finally recovered, it turned out that I absolutely naked and lie on Katya, is more faithful on her huge breast. Now I was no more than three-four centimeters. "Recovered?", - one finger Katya pushed me to a nipple. The show was extraordinary. I began to suck a huge nipple, caressing it hands. Katya moaned, then took me one hand and threw to herself on the pubis covered with the curling hairs. She sat down, having leaned the elbows a back on pillows, took me, having clamped between index and a thumb at the level of a breast, spread legs and carefully entered me inside. She closed eyes from pleasure, continuing to use smoothly me, gradually accelerating speed. I was afraid that by negligence she will thrust me there entirely together with the head. Her orgasm was rough and it was curved by an arch on a bed, having left me in itself. Then she leaned on elbows and looked at me with a smile down "I don't know whether you will be able to bring so me when you become big again". dating apps for seattle dateline pam hupp site mapMain