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The rain drop which fell on my cheek was right there pinched your hot language. For a second our eyes met, and everything constrained inside by the fine fountain escaped outside. The huge vital baggage doesn't disturb us behind the back as to children to look forward to a meeting every rare time. This day we agreed to meet on the bank of the small river flowing through our town. Sitting on a yellow carpet from leaves, we looked at water, representing that, we are on the sea beach. By people walked. We drank red wine, I, looking in beautiful eyes, almost without listening to your lovely chatter, felt absolutely happy. And this drop blew up us, your lips stuck into my, impatient hands already caress a breast. Nipples were right there poured, between legs became hot and damp. A rain, looking at us, I pripustit stronger, and you, being jealous of it, you try to sliznut each drop from my already completely naked body. Unusual feeling when after cold touch of a rain follows your, it is hotter also greedy. Drops turn into streamlets and cheerfully run, looking to the most secluded places, you try to hold them, you kneel and you pinch them already at me between legs. Yes, to a rain not to be compared to you in this skill, caress which you give me quickly bring me to an orgasm. The wave of pleasure captures all me. Having kneeled, I undo trousers, the beautiful big dick is so intense that it seems, now the skin on it will burst. Now my turn to try a curious rain, and also you on taste. Having accurately licked a head, having begun to eat it as children lick lollipop, I couldn't stop. Deeply getting into a mouth, it became hot, the most intense and here the strong stream of a cum beats with love most tasty drink! We stand completely naked under a pouring rain, bodies intertwined, your hands caress my wet body as I want to feel you in myself! I caress your boy and he right there responds on my caress. Having turned a back, I leaned against a trunk of a big tree. Having run fingers down a back, you gently began to caress a clitoris. I am exhausted from desire, the rain turned into one million fingers which don't disregard any piece of a body. You can't restrain more and thriftily you enter me deeply and surely. Making upward movement you buttocks, I feel such euphoria! How many this pleasure lasted to tell hard, apparently, I in general was absent on the earth, and flew in the sky! Shouts from the orgasm which came at us escaped at the same time, and the rain burst in a thunder, all of us three felt the acute pleasure! The echo picked up voluptuous sounds and incurred far over the river. dating game killer the lost victims date format x++ site mapMain