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I was the ordinary ordinary little girl, lived in the quiet small town which I very strongly loved. Having ended study I entered the institute in Moscow, having lived five years already with the highest education there I returned to conquer the favourite city. But old dreams fell about severe reality. In the specialty didn't hire anywhere, I got a job in shop the seller, temporarily as it was necessary to pay the apartment, and the conscience didn't allow to live off parents. The shop was small, us four sellers, on two worked for change. The young couple was owners, it was slightly more than thirty. Together we almost didn't see them, she came in the morning to opening of shop, it in the evening on closing, and only sometimes when came expensive goods, or there came new suppliers, they came together. I had a small as I trained salary, but also then not strongly grew though others received more. When I asked little girls a question as so, they only laughed and said that I find everything out soon. Got paid every week that couldn't but please, the owner gave her. And here, at last having gathered courage, I decided to ask a question of justice on what received the offer to make a blowjob that everything was good. I as correct refused, and left with the usual salary, didn't begin to swear as itself perfectly I understood … In the next change I couldn't calm down in any way, after that conversation, I didn't sustain and I asked a question to the workmate what she answered that she sucks two years, not often, but sucks and what to do there is a wish to eat that. The annoying that on another only this way, or look for other more profitable place of work. I had no special experience in sex and the blowjob was never done, I hesitated of all this. Long in the head I touched options, even I tried to find other work, but the option remained only one … Salary time approached, I came to it into an office, my envelope lay on the edge of a table, he didn't utter words, and then I told that it is ready to receive more. He quietly got up, approached me, undid a fly and the dick got. The dick hung and it seemed wasn't even going to get up. I began to jerk off him, then it became interesting to me, and excitement began to come, and having taken courage I tried it a uvula, it was very nice to the taste, not opposite as I expected. And suddenly the owner asked that I do it for the first time what I just shook the head on, continuing to lick a head. When at last having completely relaxed, I took him completely him in a mouth, the owner just began me to fuck and so to me just didn't gasp, and at last he terminated, I nearly choked with his cum, what wasn't located in a mouth broke loose. He departed from me, the dick hid, got other envelope and told that I can go. When I left, on eyes my my workmate understood everything and congratulated on increase, and told that if I I want I can earn even more. Interestingly how I what she answered asked that the hostess doesn't mind so too to take a fun. When I arrived home, you long couldn't recover, all this was for me just shock though it wasn't opposite to me at all, it is even more of me a scarecrow. When I took a shower, and a little bit calmed down, different thoughts got into the head, and they were some trite, I couldn't forget this event in any way. I don't know why, but I had very strong excitement, with me similar was for the first time, I as I had some disgust for all this earlier. Having stepped on change, in my head the situation was constantly scrolled, there was a feeling that his dick still at me in a mouth. I couldn't even look in the face of the hostess, it was interesting to me when she offers me increase. And whether I will be able to agree to it. Week flew by very quickly, every day saw the owner, he behaved easy as though nothing occurred. At the end of every week I got paid, but about a blowjob the offer didn't arrive, and salary was raised. One morning, I was summoned by the hostess whether she took an interest accept I my salary what I answered that I am not present, and would like to earn more, she told well you know what needs to be done. I silently nodded, the hostess was very beautiful woman, the slender blonde, constantly sticking out nipples. She sat, in very short dress, and legs were slightly spread, not and beautiful lace lingerie was visible. I silently approached her, drew a dress, and removed from her panties. dating on facebook reddit dating app thailand site mapMain