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Help of the friend After strong accident I with spinal fracture was half a year in hospital then a month more of the house. By means of the wife sometimes I began to get up also with great efforts to reach a toilet. In a waist still sharp pains, and legs as wadded. Nothing is felt. Marinka, my wife, with me fairly suffered, but patiently looked after me. But probably to all there is a limit. Also she was tired. Under eyes blue shadows were designated. Wrinkles. Failures became frequent, I became nervous, some overdriven. I reacted to each trifle. I understood in what business — more than half a year without sex. Recently, already at home, I tried to recover my friend by means of a blowjob. But it is vain. He lay without getting up, as well as I. After such unsuccessful attempts she became isolated, and communicated only with the five-year-old son. I quite understood her. To use neither from me, nor from my dick isn't present. And the woman should be satisfied constantly. At last I didn't sustain and called the friend. — Hi Mischa. Can you approach for a week or at least for about five days? — And what happened? — You Mit, not by phone. At a meeting I will tell. The bear arrived in two weeks. — Nus, расазывай. And I told him of problems of our family. — As far as I know, she is pleasant to you, you her too. Your task — to replace me on a bed bed, for about a week to sleep with Marina. If of course you agree. She can will calm down after a seksoterapiya. — Well... Affairs... Well ж. One good turn deserves another. I agree. Especially Marinochka really to be pleasant to me. Such appetizing bum to be pleasant to any. Everyone will want to thrust it. Here I have to explain about what debt there is a speech. Two years ago I was also called by Mishka and asked to arrive to them. I was on vacation, got into the car and in a couple of hours was at their place, in the small town. As well as he, I asked then what is the matter? — You remember, Luda after the delivery strongly recovered. We had a sex not often. She focused on the child. A year ago, something in her occurred. She suddenly began to watch herself, went to fitness, to the pool, sometimes to basketball. In her half a year was not to learn. She lost weight, probably, twice. I became flexible, sbitny, mobile and slender. Well, you saw today. But not this main thing. And, above all that she had whorish manners. She began to coquet to the right and on the left, allows to touch herself. And if a party what, with pleasure allows to caress a bottom and boobs. Especially during dances. — But not in dance as? — I asked. — Yes easily. Twirls before men a bottom, teasing that slapped. Or will leave allegedly to smoke with men, and sticks to somebody. — — So she doesn't smoke! — And so. And the man not iron, especially, when to you such candy sticks. Well, the hand higher and already on a breast will embrace, it seems, for a waist, and there. Or on a bottom. She confusedly will smile, will take away a hand, and then again something will think up. — Do you think, she already fucks on the party? — And horse-radish knows him. While I think, no. But to it goes. Here I also wanted that there was it, with anybody, and at home, under control. — The bear kept silent a little, and then added — Well you will help? — With pleasure — and I remembered how I was met by Marina as her beautiful eyes began to shine. — Someone will refuse such tidbit. Lyudmila was pleasant to me, sometimes to adoration. The beautiful line of a nose, round eyebrows vrazlt, beautiful mindalinka of eyes. I afforded compliments in her address, but no more than that. It is impossible to fuck the friend's wife. Taboo. This is his woman. Even if you lose the head at communication with her. Otherwise the world will fail. Friends won't become. And here on you. It is possible to fuck officially her, well or poluofitsialno. If the friend asks. So to speak useful with pleasant. With very pleasant. And to such delicious. — And how we will make it? — I asked. — And you, most likely anything and it won't be necessary to do that. I since morning for work, at me am four couples. To three I on occupations. You have time in bulk. Lyudka, most likely will remove you. He as in water looked. Having woken up in the morning, I washed and passed on kitchen. And there... Picture oil. Generally, everything is all right. Luda stood at a plate and planed something. I prepared, generally. There is nothing of that kind shameful in it. It is normal when the woman in kitchen prepares. If not one but. As she was dressed. No, no, not naked. Both trousers and a blouse on her were. Imagine such picture. The young thin, slender woman, with a shock of cherry ringlets on the head, expressive green eyes which at the sight of me who came on kitchen it is pleased began to smile. The beautiful mouth by slightly languid voice told a narastyazhka: — Hi — eyes frankly rejoiced to my emergence in kitchen. — Hi — I answered. On the hostess there were kipelno white trousers from translucent matter which hardly, in an oblipka fitted her seductive buttocks and beautiful slender legs. From knees they fell hand bells of flares down. Behind, at a belt, the white tick of panties out of which the bottom shone a pink outflow of skin sharply appeared through. When Lyudochka turned to me the rehouse, on a pubis illuminated lace of the same panties. It is necessary to tell that in such equipment the buttocks of any woman look very tempting. In tone to trousers there was also not a long shirt on release. Too white, translucent, with a light-gray cage. Through a shirt the white bra was read. Three top buttons are undone so the crossing point of a brassiere and edges of cups is below visible. From them stuck out seductive tits forward and up. Him it was obviously close under this shirt. Generally, round that still. So women and girls in the evening to the park or on the embankment, but in any way not on kitchen walk, to make a breakfast. It was thus obvious noticeable that Lyudochka not so much cooks food how many he spins, trying to accept favorable and seductive poses. Well ж. Her invention was successful. Any young man wants always and furthermore since morning when hormones come outside from all the cracks and the erection automatically is raised. And here still such cinema is shown. Didn't pass also minutes as I approached Lyudochka behind, and with words: — What bottom, fine and seductive at you, and there is a wish to touch it — I put it hands from sides on yagodichki. Luda stood, ceased to stir slowly with a spoon salad, but didn't take away my hands. And I asked a playful voice: — And what, I have only a beautiful bottom? — my hands already slid up a waist and approached the breasts packed into a close brassiere. Luda didn't stop my hands again. And in reply I rocks: — Not only. You have beautiful slender legs, seductive breasts, a smart figure — palms already rumple boobies — thin as at the girl a waist — hands went on a tummy down — huge, fine eyes — one hand stopped on a navel, another dived under a belt of trousers. Luda pulled in in herself a stomach, helping my hand to move further. And already fingers felt silk of a pubis and damp sponges. — Fast you what today. Already and I got into pants. — Unless you don't want it? Then I will take away hands. — I want - at. Continue. I wanted so long ago. — Someone? Me? — All! And you too. When you arrived, I so was delighted as the schoolgirl. I all night long represented you in the embraces. I slept badly. I couldn't wait in the morning when you wake up. I developed it to myself the person and stuck into lips. Some time we kissed взасос and strong huged each other. The clothes on us were the polurasstegnut. During a break between the next kisses Luda told: — What we here in kitchen. We will go to a bed. In the bedroom I tried to pull together from her hips trousers with panties, but it appeared not simply. Trousers weren't taken off. Very close. — Wait, I — heard I Lyudochki's voice. She began to pull together from herself trousers, and I pulled together the trousers with pants meanwhile at once. The dick an arrow jumped up. Naked we rushed each other in embraces and again kissing, failed on a bed. Both of us were already strongly brought therefore in beds without excess movements and vanity I efficiently climbed on her, and it with pleasure sent my kid to itself to a mink. It was our first sex, but all turned out easily and quickly as if we are old and habitual lovers. Having had a rest, we fucked once again. And only then returned on kitchen to prepare. Lyuska dressed the short dressing gown which was more suitable for this purpose. After a lunch Mishka and I arrived, having winked, showed him a thumb. For tomorrow everything repeated, proceeded more precisely. Here so we also lived all week. In the afternoon I fucked Lyuska, at night Mishka. She was in the seventh heaven. In a month after my return home, I was called by Mishka and having thanked, told that Luda calmed down a little. I told that if it is necessary, I will arrive still. And now Mishka practically with the same mission arrived to me. And though I didn't get up, and couldn't observe the events out of my room, Marinochki's revival at appearance of the guest in the house was noticeable. I think, they even kissed in kitchen. Because their average and nothing not meaning chatter suddenly abated, for some time, and then was resumed again. I was only glad to it. Marinochka sharply changed. I didn't see her smiling and the more so, loudly laughing long ago. Everything developed as well as possible. Small failure turned out in the evening when already went to bed. The marine laid to Mishka in the hall, on an angular sofa and he left to sleep, having taken to esteem for the night "War of the magician" Perumov. The marine came to our bedroom and began to untie a peignoir belt, preparing for sleeping. And here I also say to her: — A marine, go to Mischa. — What for? — with astonishment the spouse asked. — He came to help us. He will be instead of me so far. In our bed. With you. — You that! Absolutely went mad?! — Marines. You don't shout. You are not iron. You want long ago, and you try to reanimate me. And he doesn't get up. I see how you are angry after that. Go. It is necessary to you. Mischa waits. I called him and he arrived. For this purpose. Go. — How? Did you call him that he came here to fuck your wife?! Your half?! Yes you are not just a disabled person, you also the villain. — But you were delighted when he arrived. — I was delighted — Marina told already more quietly. — But all the same, this beastliness. — And you kissed! — And from where you know... — also I stopped short. Here I shouted to Mishka and when he came, told: — Mish. Take away to Marin, and that she is afraid. Take her by hands and conduct to yourself. The bear approached the Marine, gave it a hand, she stretched the towards and told: — Well, Vitechka, then don't take offense. I will loudly groan. You wanted it. It was visible that the decision is made by her. She turned in my party the head and with a smile, having waved with a hand, told: — Until - and — also I added already to Mischa, having resolutely pushed out him from the bedroom — Went. As soon as the door was closed behind them, I, on the laptop which lay on a bedside table nearby, started a glyadelka. On the eve of arrival, at my request, the acquaintance mounted in the hall the Webcam with the microphone, and stretched wires to me. We adjusted the cam so that the sofa was visible. Therefore, now I on the screen could see all events in the hall. Over a sofa I burned with a sconce. All was well lit. Here they came, closed behind themselves a door and at once rushed to each other in embraces. There now, and still I rested. At once it is visible, kiss surely, in the afternoon obviously trained. It is not the first kiss between them. Here Mischa untied ties of a peignoir, Marina shook shoulders, and he fell to her legs. On the wife there were a brassiere and panties. Both quite household, at all not sexual. She didn't gather to Mishka. Though, as nobility. Lovers were again linked in a kiss. They were already fairly brought and falteringly breathed. — You are divine — I Mishkin heard a voice. — Thanks. I so waited for it. All day. I he thought never will come to an end. I so wanted you. I thought to come to you slowly at night. — You see how everything was resolved. — Yes. It is even more best, than I thought. Also it isn't necessary secretly. Though, secretly so romantically. But kiss me, kiss. Here those and time, I thought. Means, this scene in my room was played only as blind. Here also trust after that women. You won't understand when they it is sincere and when pretend to be. Meanwhile, the brassiere fell to a floor. They more too didn't need this accessory. Boobies of my wife opened. Never I thought that they are so well taken a detached view. Such appetizing. The bear dropped to them. The wife moaned again and caved in back. My God! As she is beautiful. Especially, in embraces of other man. What treasure I, appear, I possess. Mishina hands fell on a back down by a bottom, there hooked on panties, and, it is how possible, pulled together them down. The naked bottom of the wife opened. What she pretty, with the lowered panties. The bear with might and main rumpled hands both halves of a bottom without panties. Then Marina pulled together Mishkina pants down, and also the. Whether big he has a dick, I didn't see, a foreshortening not that. They again, already absolutely naked standing were sucked. Their hands as snakes, coiled and intertwined in inconceivable patterns. My heart is speeded up was clogged, loudly zabukhat. The marine by a hand pulled Mischa in a bed, laid down on a back, and having spread legs said uneasy whisper: — Go... Go rather. I want... You... — Mischa laid down afterwards from above. It was visible how he is active a hand below, sending a dick to Marinochka. Here, at last, that turned out. Never I thought that from outside it is well visible. His bum made the movement веред and down, at the same time Marina published a sigh groan: — A-and A-ah Ha Aa. It is clear, I entered, I thought. And further, as at cinema. He fucked her, she groaned, sometimes loudly, coiled under him, made upward movement. Mishkina hands didn't stand still too. There was enough light from a sconce, a foreshortening good, the plan average, not small. All well was visible to me. I lay and watched how my friend fucks my wife. My heart loudly thumped. Boom, boom, boom. In a breast and a stomach all blazed fire. It was so disturbing to watch how fuck my wife and with what passion she is given to this man who she receives a high from it. It was visible on her face. Picture supplemented, become already loud, groans which very eloquently spoke about the pleasure taken from sex. It is her first sex more than for half a year. Groans of the wife were already heard without microphone, through a door. In me all burned. Heat on all body. In the head noise. But not from disappointment. All this was disturbing somehow. And suddenly... suddenly I understood what at me costs. I a hand down, and precisely, an erection am. Hurrah! After accident for the first time. I thought that he won't get up any more. I rejoiced and nearly squealed from delight. Costs! Costs! Again costs! On the screen the fucking proceeded. My hand jerked off a dick. I cast away a blanket and looked with pride at, standing писюн. Groans from the screen and because of a door added an erection and nervousness. Soon I terminated, the cum scattered on a stomach, I am wind her handkerchief and I fell asleep, without having watched sex of a show to the end. Having woken up in the middle of the night, I saw the dark screen. Turned off the light. I put the slider of scrolling for the beginning, and again reconsidered all. As they came as kissed as they fucked. Now I saw new small details. Then I looked through that overslept — as they cumed. I listened to them near sexual chatter and again I fell asleep. I woke up, already light. I included a laptop. And in time. They only woke up and lying caressed. Then fucked again, is even more sexual than in the evening. All my emotions repeated again. And again erection. By that moment as Mishkina the bum moved in the last push my dick stood already surely. He got down from her, and Marina went to a toilet. When left, I called her. She entered, and I showed the standing dick. The marine almost cried: — Wow! Really? Wow! Affairs. — With these words I approached me and I began to be arranged on me, sitting down on a dick. And I again, after a long break, felt warmly female bosom. — Only it isn't strong — I told. — Well of course — my spouse joyfully answered. She slowly squeezed the muscles, trying not to jump strongly on me. To me it was madly good. I am again fucked. Hurrah! My dick costs. I in the woman. I exulted. At me the waist and legs of steel started over again burning is warmer, and in the head thumped. Held apart a dick from desire to terminate. What I also made. Hurrah! I terminated. At me I stood. I was in the woman. Snova. Hurrah! In the morning, that is, later in the morning, I was seated on the wheelchair and told supposedly will be enough to go bananas. Time at you gets up, and itself you can get up. At breakfast all laughed, joked, discussed last day. I showed them the know-how. They at first forcedly took offense, and then laughed again. Type happy end. Or its beginning. After a breakfast they wanted again, was will retire for sex to the hall, but I asked to make it at me. — Desire of the patient — the law. Also both were filled up to me, on our family bed. To me got a little again. In three days Mischa wanted to leave, but Marina didn't release: — You are such good. So well you love. Don't leave, потрахай still. To me it was so good. And that Vitya is still very weak. And I added: — Mish. Thank you. I helped out not only to Marin, but also me. I when called, wanted that Marin it became easier, didn't think of myself. And it turned out, as itself recovered. — You the main thing, go more now that blood in the field of a basin circulated. There left Mishka only in a week. His Lyudochka began to worry. To keep ringing female heart Is visible scented. dating your former boss date countdown between two dates site mapMain