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I absolutely accidentally saw this notebook in a pile of old things on the attic. These things and accumulate gradually big heap, and then we get up courage and we throw out everything. And here also so modest inscription "Diary". Having opened it, I became witnesses of usual and unusual days of my beloved zhenulechka during her study in University. And here it is absolutely interesting... ... after obtaining the diploma I passed year and here we met the friends from my university group. So spent a good time, povspominat ridiculous and sad cases from our student's life. But here about these three cases I will tell nobody, I will entrust only them to the my Dumb Witness — my diary. The first nearly became sad. I often noticed this white ragged "Lada" near our academic building, three guys of a debilovaty look sitting in it constantly called nice students "to drive", but nobody went with them as my friend Lena told — "ugly faces would be fastened slightly more beautifully or more cleverly. And here with these even on one hectare... "and we cheerfully laughed loudly. And once, probably the eagles inflamed with cheap wine, slowly went for me on the way to the dormitory. Having thought about course, I didn't pay special attention that my light short skirt pleating rose under wind gusts strongly up and showed going behind my legs and new panties. And suddenly I unexpectedly realized that I am worn out in this "Lada". The smelly hairy hand roughly clamped to me a mouth, and here the second guy began to rumple and caress my breast gently. And the breast at me very quite good and was caressed by him gently, strangely enough, it was even pleasant. The first moron held my hands, and here the second everything caressed me, here his lips touched my neck, here caress an ear lobe — the shiver ran on all body, then it became even more pleasant — right he began to stroke-oar me on panties, is impudent and with a force having moved apart my legs. And here his fingers already at me in panties, he slightly clamped my nipple, I was curved and quietly I go bananas, having soon howled from pleasure — the orgasm from such caress just punched me! It was quite pleasant and I was silent and guys didn't become impudent, only the third from front seat looked at me, having slightly opened a mouth and saliva flew down on his chin. Similar he definitely had no girl! But here the first suddenly got to kiss and me nearly pulled out — a stench of cheap "Port wine", garlic and cigarettes, it is aroma suddenly excited me and I was literally enraged. And my stomach from such "aroma" was just enraged and in a second веь my lunch from the student's dining room appeared on his moronic ugly face and on a wrinkled shirt. I seized with strong fingers of the gymnast him by a little finger and sharply turned in other party as the girlfriend Lena taught me. A wild cry and it let out me. Having opened a door, I a small fish took off forward and, having made a somersault, again it appeared standing — four years of gymnastic activity! Having jumped out of the car, I with pleasure spat to it in a face as it was opposite to me and he had a round! "Well bitch, pig such. well wait a moment" — he began to roar, wiping eyes under loud neighing of two of his guys morons. "Yes look at yourself! With you nearby any pig won't lay down, the cretin smelly — I gave out to him in reply. erotic stories Again wild rygotaniye of two other guys — the look at it was still that! And when he tried to get out to deal shortly with me, I very much kicked in a door which painfully set this "eagle" on ankles. Publishing new wild cries to which also the most aggressive Indians of the tribe of Cherokee would envy and manufacturing such "pases" that fans of fighting Scottish dances would hang with envy, he began "to dance" violently near the car, under a new loud rygotaniye of two other morons. And my beautiful legs already carried me directly on lawns to a hostel porch. Any more I never put on this beautiful gray short skirt and a yellow blouse, as they say — in avoidance. Though these morons didn't appear near our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION any more, probably having chosen themselves other objects for seduction. The second case was slightly more tragic and slightly more ridiculous. I met year the guy, we with pleasure had with him sex — for stress relief and reduction of a spermotoksikoz as my Alex joked. I constantly tried to look beautifully and as required always bought new things — from panties to a jacket so my Alexander Nikolaevich always admired me. And here in one wonderful spring day we with my friend Lena were going to spend the grant for new things — to us soon, literally in a week, will be for 20 years. There were we purposefully and quickly on the neighboring street, there at the deadlock often was a lorry with the big box where very cheap elderly whether the Georgian, whether the Armenian — traded in new things. Lena quickly bought new things, and I everything tried on new jackets, couldn't choose in any way. And suddenly elderly strong I seized me and something I shouted in the language. In a minute in the box the young nice Caucasian was drawn and it is loud запричитав: "Wa Vakh, what beauty, what sweet girl, what figure...", unexpectedly I put me "a crustacean on a rug in a corner. Lena smoking "Salem" saw nothing and quietly stood nearby. In a mouth I had a scarf, elderly held me by hands, and young, having very cool caressed a uvula my hard hole and a pisyushka why goosebumps ran on all body, dexterously entered me. I moved, but unless you will escape from two men moreover soon it became just incredibly pleasant to me — not the really fat long dick of the young guy unexpectedly delivered to me many pleasant minutes, he so gently caressed my breast, and here still soon and the rough wave of an orgasm ran on all body. And here he put greased with what-tio a finger to me in buttocks, through a thin partition I felt the movement of his dick and to me was very pleasant. I even caved in in a back a little, probably having even more made horney the guy, he began to move violently, whispering something in the language and here the second wave of the highest peak of pleasure, even in eyes darkened a little. But probably the guy was rather skilled and didn't begin to cum in me. what I especially was afraid of. We with my favourite guy interrupted the coitions and he cumed in a scarf or in a towel, and this arrived differently — his dick began to enter my buttocks, at once having begun to stream in me. Was and isn't really sick, similar because of two orgasms and the dick at him not really thick, well and lubricant nevertheless was my hard hole. Having wiped the long dick, the young guy ran away into a cabin, having put some things in my package and having given me a new handkerchief. Only I was wiped and pulled panties, highly lifting the tight skirt as elderly I lowered trousers to knees, having shown me the huge thick dick with a gray head of the size of my fist and pulled me to myself. "Wow!" I howled and with a force I pushed him. Well and, having grabbed the package, dexterously I jumped out of the car, having fallen nearby, having a little torn apart the knee. Now my knee at bad weather reminds me of that incident funny almost. Though at that moment to me it wasn't really ridiculous — I presented that such huge "bolt" enters me — well it isn't necessary! And when I turned back, we with Lena began to laugh loudly — elderly on a lap, with the lowered trousers, crept on half of the box, clinging the enormous dick to a floor and loudly cried out on all lane: — Vakh, the girl-dzhan why убежаль why on me плеваль why me удариль, go, I will give a deng, I about тэбэ long мечталь, there is a lot of a deng, всо to you awakes... Only then we with her realized all horror of this case, but then to us was ridiculous. Ekhidina Lenko of course pinned up me supposedly would climb back how many money you are given. And when I suggested her to climb supposedly take all money and I began to push for fun Lenka to the car, she shouted so that in ears rang out — was frightened that he "giant" to her will break off everything. Buttocks at thinking I ached a bit a little, panties were blotted — nevertheless twice I terminated and strongly began to flow. But I had a full package of new things and I shone on the birthday. And the third case was not ridiculous and not tragic. But about him I to the story to the diary another time. Already darkened, on the attic nothing was visible also I, having hidden the diary of my beloved, decided to read up it tomorrow. host of the dating game where date greater than sql oracle site mapMain