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At the end of July, I decided to move to live to the dacha, there it was quiet, and it was possible to bring quietly ladies, for love joys. Mother already got the marriage, on it decided to dump far away from parents. All of course is quite good, but the house demanded repair, and supports to help with it are alas there is nobody didn't follow. The father once helped a little, and then referred to employment, and it was necessary most to test all delights. Once at work, me advised to employ two little girls — Moldavians, they were engaged in repair, but took, of course, decently for the services, to disappear not where, agreed. They worked only on Saturdays, not to the detriment of the main work, but worked for conscience. So I estimated, it is the best option, and and the devil remove money, but not to strain most, and already in the middle of August, all was almost ready. In the late afternoon, I decided to make shish kebabs, and with little girls to note the end of our cooperation, well and of course if you want, then and to tear off finally. Little girls were that it is necessary, one of them in general was without complexes and to probably fuck her won't make big work. Called her Rodik, no more, the burning brunette, a breast approximately of the third size, and the priest smart was her years twenty five. She constantly shows to me interest and I too!!! The second was the modest, complete antithesis, called it Marianna, nothing too, but boobs small, and a little wild. It was necessary to kindle, as usual I ban, they with pleasure went to take a steam bath, I sat in an arbor, and drank beer, admiring in the wonderful evening. In ten minutes, Rodika approached me and asked: — Yura!! Don't you why to us come, we wait for you, and you to suck beer here udumat, and little girls on a side, or we are not beautiful? She opened a sheet in which it was wrapped, and stares wide-eyed at me the. — Still, what beautiful!!! Just goddesses!!! — Then went what stiffened??? — How not to stiffen at the sight of such boobs!!! — Went, there wait for a pussy!!! I seized her by hips, and I threw on a shoulder, I dragged in a bath. She didn't resist, only held hands my neck. I brought her to the waiting room, I took off myself clothes and we went to take a steam bath. Marianna lay on a back, having slightly spread legs, her eyes were closed. Boobs were small, and here nipples long, with the swelled up a little areola. A village mouth on shelves, I approached closer, it took a dick in a hand, began to jerk off. — Wow!!! What big, look Marianna!!!! Marianna opened eyes, her pupils slightly extended, and in one second, she was near. They began to drive together languages on a trunk, it was just super!!! My hands caressed their shoulders, a neck, a thick long hair. Little girls great worked with languages, then Marianna took a dick in a mouth, having let know that one wants to suck. A mouth I switched to my bottom, gently moves apart buttocks, and begins to drive language. To tell that it was pleasant … to tell it nothing, it was divine torture!!! Her long tongue so deeply gets that I just was in euphoria. The pleasant groan escaped from my breast, the dick strained and released a stream, then more and more, Marianna greedy swallowed, the cum appeared at the edges of lips, then she choked and the dick from a mouth released. Rodika picked up relay, and continued to suck while Marianna recovered, washing out a mouth cold beer. The dick stood a stake, Rodika was the skillful vacuum cleaner, was a good judge of it. Marianna approached, began to put on ineptly condom, than angered Rodika. — Someone so taught you? Look as it is necessary!!! She took him in a mouth, then completely put on a dick, having swallowed it to the basis. Marianna with delight looked, a master class of the girlfriend, stroking my buttocks. A mouth I got up dog-fashion, I approached closer and entered her hot pussy. She slightly screamed, it is visible I hurt, but then loudly moaned. Marianna laid down on shelves, spreads legs, and begins to caress a clitoris. A mouth I decided to help her, I accommodated between her legs, and I began to do a cunnilingus. Marianna loudly groaned, pinching the long nipples, and lovely smiled to me. Rodiki's pussy was cool, it was visible long ago there not the dick. Vagina muscles pleasantly squeezed my horney dick, giving me pleasure. Little girls decided to trade places, but slightly in a different way. Marianna lay on a back, Rodika sat down her on the person the pussy, strong squeezing her head. I settled between legs, and began to drive the dick between fat lips, and then sharply entered. — The plaintive groan of Marianna, Rodiki's groan then excited was heard. The dick moved as the piston in her narrow vagina, the pleasant feeling increased, and I began to cum, couldn't constrain myself more. Rodiki's shout and loud groan of Marianna, let know that they terminated too, it is possible and not as wanted, but persons were happy. I laid down near them, Rodika removed an elastic band, got stuck in a small knot and threw into a corner. Then the dick sucked, licked all cum, and after that laid down nearby, panting. When have a little a rest, went and poured over each other cold water, and then went to the street. Sat slightly in an arbor, well drank, little girls loved this business, didn't expect it. Marianna went to the house to watch TV, we remained from Rodikaya. — Yura, let's continue, only without rubber, I want you!!!! — Give, I want you too!!!! Fervent kisses went, then caress, emphasis I placed on her breast, so it was pleasant to me. Greedy I kissed boobs, then I touched with lips nipples, they were beautiful. She caressed my hair, pressing the head to the breast. I fell below, I kissed a stomach, language I caressed a navel, and then I reached a vulva. It widely spreads legs, my head between her legs, language gets inside, moving apart small lips. The familiar smell of women's flesh dements me, language touched her clitoris, Rodika shudders, groans accrue, it flows. The dick pulled, he is ready to continuation, rose, developed it and put on a table, legs hang down, I am attached to a pussy, I begin to enter. A mouth shouts from delight, having pressed in a table-top. While I fucked it, a finger I developed an anus, gently getting in inside. Then the dick from a vagina pulled out, put in the opened sphincter, and entered against the stop. — Aaa!!! Painfully!!! Fool!! I began to move the dick in her hot bottom, she moaned enough. Slightly I began to accelerate process, the rhythm became mad, the orgasm covered me, I wildly shouted from pleasant feeling. The cum filled in her anus, began to squelch inside, but still pulled it until the dick lost force. The dick from a bottom pulled out, developed it to himself the person, put on knees, began to kiss. She reciprocated, hot kissing me. — Yura, it is necessary to warn that in a bottom you want. I nearly died of pain, the truth then it was good!!! The dick that at you not small to which I got used!!! — Sorry, I didn't keep, so I wanted you!!! — All right, though tore me to yeast, will be what to remember!!! Let's drink with you??? — With pleasure!!! Can once more? — Give slightly later, I need to have a rest and to recover! — As you will tell, my sexy Moldavian!!! Sat long, yet didn't darken, then went to sleep in three together, once more I blew them, and then fell asleep, having overslept till the morning. It is sent: Yury mtv dating show on netflix date generator excel site mapMain